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Benorun is found at the Outer Dock. He's the kind of Human who wants to help you make a lot of Kinah fast. Just give him all your money and leave everything to him. He stands behind the Dionysia Tavern, next to <Deke>, <Menon>, and <Lityerses>, their boss.

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Dialogue Edit

"Psssst! Hey... you. Yes, you. You look like someone who likes Kinah, am I right?
You got an honest face, so I'm gonna trust you with some hot information. I mean sizzlin' hot! It's a sure-fire investment opportunity! You like a sure thing, am I right?
So... everybody knows Shugos are crazy for antique coins. And Shugos have buckets of Kinah, am I right?"
1 "It's possible you are right."
X "I don't have time for this."
"If you had a load of these coins, and there were a bunch of Shugo merchants coming to Sanctum tomorrow, you could rake in the Kinah, am I right?
And guess who knows where to buy antique coins really cheap? Benorun, of course! But you see... I'm a little short of funds, so I need an investor.
It's a great deal! Leave your Kinah here with me, I'll do all the work, and your Kinah will triple in a day! Easy Kinah is the best kind, am I right?"
1 "I don't think you are."
X "I'm walking away now."
"Hey! You're walking away from a golden opportunity! Someone is going to end up right and it might as well be you, am I right?
What's wrong? You don't like Kinah? Come back!"
X "Forget it."
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