Ananta asked you to bring the material needed to make the secret remedy of the Silver Mane tribe. Hunt Sheluks and bring their poison to her.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Sheluk Poison> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After getting the quest, both types of Sheluks can be found in the area just outside of the Hideout. Kill them until you get three Sheluk Poison, then return to Ananta for the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Few Silverrr Mane Mau...remain to hunt.
Most are injurrred...and the Mist Manes...still hunt us. slow,but...we are mending."
1 "How can I help?"
"There is a rrremedy...handed the elderrrrs for generations.
Others die...when eating Sheluk Poison. The Silverrr Mane...are made of Strrronger stuff. our way. Would you...bring the Sheluk Poison to us?"

Accept Edit

"Head down...the path will see Starved Sheluks and Ruthless Sheluks.
Kill themmmm...and bring the Sheluk Poison back.
I willl...start the rrremedy...while you hunt."
X "I'm on my way."

Decline Edit

"The Mist Mannnnne...may attack again soon.
Our warrrrriors...need to prrrepare...for battle.
You could...stannnd with us...on that day by helping now."
X "I don't have the time."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"These herrrrbs...are poisonous as the Sheluk.
Combinnnned with Sheluk Poison...we make the old magic.
How was...your hunting?"
1 "It was a good day."
With the Sheluk Poison
"Yes...a good day indeed."
Afterrrr the pain...we will stand strrrong...and proud against the Mist Manes.
I am cannot share in the rrremedy. Please...accept this instead."
Without the Sheluk Poison
"Perrrrhaps...success is measured...differently in your tribe, [Player Name].
Without Sheluk Poisonnnn...there will be no rrremedy.
Our warrrrriors...depend on your strrrength!"
X "I'll return with what you need."

Summary Edit

Ananta said the Silver Mane tribe needed a secret remedy in order to heal the wounded.

You brought her Sheluk Poison, the main component of the remedy.

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