Belbua, <Qydro'sQydro> uncle, is missing. Find a clue to his whereabouts.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find a clue to Belbua's whereabouts, and bring it to <Qydro>.

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

After you obtain the quest from Qydro, go to the west to Northern Tolbas Forest. All you have to do is simply kill members of the Lepharist Revolutionaries. They will drop an item <Belbua's Diary>. You then take this to Qydro.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Let's see what was so urgent that a Daeva need be employed...
Oh.... This is serious indeed.
Oh dear, I do hope he's okay..."
1 "Your father?"
"No, Uncle Belbua.
He sent a letter to my father nearly a month ago saying he would be visiting the citadel in a few days. It's just a short walk and he's heard nothing since the letter."
1 "Maybe he just delayed his trip?"
"No, he would have said something--sent another letter.
Something must have happened on the road....
[Player Name], I hate to ask right after you took the time to deliver this letter--our family has asked enough of you already--but do you think you could check on my uncle? If something did happen to him, I probably wouldn't survive looking for him. I'm not much of a fighter, but a Daeva...
What do you think?"

Accept Edit

"Oh, thank you, [Player Name]!
Hopefully this is all a misunderstanding and you'll find my uncle in good health.
To get to Belbua's Farm, you just need to walk back in the direction of the Verteron Citadel. His place is on the outskirts of the Northern Tolbas Forest--you can't miss it."
X "I'll be quick."

Decline Edit

"Where are your priorities?
You can deliver a letter but you can't go look for my uncle, who could be held hostage or worse as we waste time chatting about it?
Please change your mind! My father would be heartbroken if anything happened to Belbua."
X "Best of luck to you."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Did you find my Uncle?
Please, you must tell me!
1 "Look...."

Failed Item Check Edit

"You came back here without an answer, [Player Name]? My stomach is in knots! I haven't been able to eat, and you just amble back to me, my uncle forgotten?
I need to know he's okay!"
X "I'll hurry back."

Successful Item Check Edit

"My uncle's diary! Oh, look at the last page: "I could have sworn just now that a masked man stood outside my window. I got out of bed, and he disappeared into the night."
Oh no...his final entry: "The masked one returned with friends. I'm badly injured and I've barricaded myself in...blast, they're coming.... Goodbye Manos." Oh...Uncle Belbua....
I don't know how I'll tell my father. They were so close...."

Summary Edit

Belbua, Qydro's uncle, was missing.

You went to Belbua's Farm and found a diary that suggested he was killed by the Lepharists.

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