As a reward for defeating the Lepharists, Nola the Scarecrow told you of the treasure hidden in Belbua's farm.

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Speak with Nola the scarecrow in a field near Belbua's Farm. He sends you to find <Belbua's Wine Barrel> which is located nearby behind a shed down the hill to the south of Nola.


Initial DialogueEdit


Location of the treasure.

"You chased away the evil ones. Nola will repay. Treasure for you.
Master's treasure. Golden. Precious.
Come close. Nola will whisper."
1 "Go ahead."
"Master told only Nola. Sworn secret. Gold as sunset.
[Player Name] helped Nola. Nola will help [Player Name].
But you must swear. Swear to keep secret."

Accept Edit

"Listen. Once only I tell. Master's farm. Close to water.
By river, some fields. In field, see one like Nola, standing still. But that one is dead. No voice.
Behind little house of wood. There treasure is."
X "I'll look for it."

Decline Edit

"Will not swear?
Nola shall not speak. Silent as wood.
Treasure shall wait. Like Nola. Wait for Master."
X "That's a shame."

Reward DialogueEdit

Belbua's Wine Barrel
(This barrel looks old.)
(It's heavy, full of wine.)
1 "Interesting...."
(From the color and scent, this must be pumpkin wine.)
(It smells sweet and strong. Seems like a good vintage.)

Summary Edit

Scarecrow Nola said that he would give you his master's treasure as a reward for defeating the Lepharists.

You followed Nola's directions and found a barrel of fine pumpkin wine.

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