Battlegrounds are timed/ranked PvPvE instances in which members of the same race face off against a team of opposing race players and the Balaur at the same time. Battlegrounds typically award abyss points and medals, but may also yield gear, consumables, and crafting materials. Since these instances are located on the cross-server, players will be able to meet up with and fight alongside -or against- players of the other servers.

Entry Edit

Unlike regular instances, most battlegrounds only allow for a few entries per day, and only during select moments. When a battleground is live eligible players (those who meet the level requirement) will receive a notification and the option to queue for that battleground. Players can opt to queue either their current group/alliance (a 'premade') or apply individually, in which case the system will randomly group them with other players in the queue following the healer-tank-dps format.

The focus of a battleground tends to vary. In some cases (Dredgions) players can decide whether to prioritize PvE or PvP as both offer a ways to win, while in other cases there is minimal Balaur presence and the victor is decided based on PvP performance (e.g. Idgel Dome). Certain battlegrounds may also have specific objectives that must be completed inside in order to proceed -- all while keeping the enemy faction in check at the same time.

Specifics Edit

  • ! Gear and levels are not equalized inside. You enter as you are.
  • Available at select times; limited entry count
  • Entry via the queue icon/window (if minimum level requirement is met)
  • Cross-server matching
  • Timed instances
  • Guardian General transformation unavailable.

Available Battlegrounds Edit

Name Format Level Reset Entries
Ashunatal Dredgion 6 vs 6 76-80 Daily 1
Idgel Dome 6 vs 6 76-80 Daily 1
Evergale Canyon 24 vs 24 (max. 96 vs 96) 76-80 Daily 1

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