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The son of Lufe and Lukian, Basmos recently started a job at the Tempest Shipyard in Sanctum. He's torn over the two futures his parents want for him.



"I'm so glad you talked to me! I was wondering... could I become a Daeva like you?
Mom says I can, but Dad says an honest life on the docks was good enough for him and it'll be good enough for me.
So I promised Mom I'd ask, just to calm her down. Could I ascend? Ever?"
1.png "If it's your destiny, yes."
X.png "No one can say."
"Oh, everyone says that. But... have you heard of those Elyos who think they can ascend through penance?
They starve themselves, put themselves through all kinds of suffering. the more they suffer, the holier they get. Sounds insane to me.
I guess I'll carry on working at the docks for now. I'll tell Mom it's down to destiny, and she shouldn't worry about it anymore."
X.png "Excellent idea."