Destroy the Shining Malekor and Glittering Malekor, then take them to Barsonuerk.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Gather crystals from the Shining Malekor and Glittering Malekor, then take them to Barosunerk.
Red Crystal (0/11)
Blue Crystal (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

  • Xp 483,700 XP

Walkthrough Edit

All the Malekor lie low in the Giant's Valley. They resemble the cleric's Summoned Holy Servant, however, these are not stationary and will move to attack. Kill and collect the number of crystals and head to Barosunerk in Morheim. Since you obtain all the items in Giant's Valley, you can use the Road to Morheim and head directly to the Airship Crash Site on the way to Alsig Village where Barosunerk is located.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Shugos stick together sometimes, Daeva, even if you think we just care about Kinah. We help each other out when we can, yes yes.
Barosunerk has helped Huarinrinerk before, and now he needs help...yes yes.... Got himself info trouble, lost his business, lost his Kinah.
Not lost his friends though, no no. Now Huarinrinerk will help him."
1 "How can you help, though?"
"Barosunerk wants to start again. Has new business, but now needs items to sell.
Most profitable item in Beluslan is Malek ore, but Barosunerk cannot have that. Increasing the supply will decrease the price and decrease the profit, yes? Yes.
Instead, I have the perfect item for Barosunerk to sell--Malekor crystals! Akakak!"
1 "Why are they perfect?"
"Why? Because Malekor crystals are beautiful with a unique shimmer. Would be worth a fortune in Beluslan, except for the stupid stories....
Children's horror stories, yes? That's now it started. Now everyone in Beluslan thinks Malekor crystals have Balaur spirits inside, and carry curse!
Stupid stories ruin business opportunities, but make other opportunities. Stories are told in Beluslan, and Barosunerk is in Morheim, so we take him the crystals, he sells them, he makes Kinah, we make Kinah AND friends, yes?"

Accept Edit

"Good Daeva! Two kinds of Malekors found in Giant's Valley, yes?
The Shining Malekors, have Red Crystals in them. The Glittering Malekors, they have Blue Crystals in them, yes.
Fetch 11 Red Crystals and 3 Blue Crystals. Take them all to Barosunerk. And remember, if he complains about the price, remind him we're doing him a favor! Akakak!"
X "I see. I'll be back soon."

Decline Edit

"What?! Don't tell me Daevas are stupid enough to believe stories too?!
Luurinerk carries crystals all the time, yes! And look, he's fine! Tent may have burned down last week, but all coincidence!
You must do the job, [Player Name]! Everyone else is too scared! Nyerk...."
X "I'll think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ah a customer, yes?! Come here, come here!
Welcome to Barosunerk's Boutique! Anything you want, you can have...just as soon as I get stock...nyerk...."
1 "Huarinrinerk sent me..."
"Ah! Pretty crystals! Look! Look at the glow!
Must thank Huarinrinerk! Must be worth a fortune in Beluslan--Huarinrinerk very generous to send them out here!
Thank you Daeva. Finally I can restart my reputation!"

Summary Edit

Huarinrinerk told you how Barosunerk needed items to sell in his new shop.

You destroyed many Shining Malekors and Glittering Malekors, collected Red and Blue Crystals, and took them to Barosunerk.

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