Bandits of Greed were a feature exclusive to certain Archdaeva instances. Randomly, players may spot Gurriki (frog-like) mobs in certain spots. They are passive, and will run away once engaged. By defeating them, each group member gets to loot their body; a bundle, which will be opened automatically once picked up. There is a wide variety of rewards from these.

After the 6.0 update this system is used for obtaining Daevanion Skillbooks from in particular the Cradle of Eternity.

General Edit

The presence of these bandits is determined when the group enters the instance. These frog-like mobs are passive, and will attempt to flee when attacked. They cannot be put into altered states, and attacks will only deal 1 damage point per attack. If they manage to run away, they will despawn completely.

There is also a hidden time limit to find them and kill them, as, if left for too long, they will begin running away automatically and despawn as well. They will also begin to run away if a party member has it targeted for a certain amount of time. Due to the randomness of the instance, the ones in Archives of Eternity have a longer time before this happens than the others.

Their corpses can be looted by each group member, dropping a single bundle for each player. Upon looting it, the bundle will be automatically opened, placing the reward in the player's inventory.

Spawn Locations Edit

The instances this event may happen include Adma's Fall, Theobomos Test Chamber, Drakenseer's Lair, Fallen Poeta, Archives of Eternity and Cradle of Eternity. Bandits will always spawn in the same spots each time.

Instance Description Map
Adma's Fall Storage Cellar (starting room). Front of passage leading to following room, in front of <Steward Zeetrum>.
Gurr - Adma
Theobomos Test Chamber Arachne Infested Library (starting room). Front of passage leading to following room, in front of <Blood-swollen Arachne>.
Gurr - TTC
Drakenseer's Lair Main platform. From the starting platform, next to the closest <Shielding Conduit> to the left.
Gurr - DL
Fallen Poeta Dark Spore Road's 1st Gate (first post). Front of the fence/wall.
Gurr - FP
Archives of Eternity First middle room connected to the Prologue to Knowledge (starting area). Middle.
Gurr - AoE
Cradle of Eternity Serene Plaza. Middle, down the path from Advance Unit Refuge (starting area).
Gurr - CoE

Rewards Edit

There are four bandits, each with different rewards. <Gurr of Greed> offers varying amounts of kinah. <Rapacious Gurr> will focus on appearance items, Abyss medals and AP. <Strange Gurr> rewards gear. Finally, <Strong Gurr> will drop gear enhancing items.

Mob Bundle Rewards
<Gurr of Greed> Gurr of Greed Treasure Package <Gurr of Greed Treasure Package>
<Rapacious Gurr> Rapacious Gurr Treasure Package <Rapacious Gurr Treasure Package>
<Strange Gurr> Strange Gurr Treasure Package <Strange Gurr Treasure Package>
<Strong Gurr> Strong Gurr Treasure Package <Strong Gurr Treasure Package>

Trivia Edit

  • Their "Gurr" names is a short version of Gurriki.
  • An event Gurriki also appeared during the Return of Tiamaranta's Eye event, where it would sometimes spawn in the Outer Rings and offer loot on par with an event Fabled chest.
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