Go to Magaro Primeval Forest and slay the Agrints and Rotrons. Take their branches to Evrin.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Contaminated Agrint Branch (0/20)
Contaminated Rotron Branch (0/20)

Basic Reward Edit

Optional Reward Edit

When completed 15 times

Walkthrough Edit

The highest collection of trees for this quest is just west outside of Baltasar Hill Village in the Magaro Primeval Forest. The Rotton Branch Agrint will drop the Contaminated Agrint Branches and the Wet Branch Rotron will drop the Contaminated Rotron Branches.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Baltasar whispers to me as the wind blows through his leaves.
He hears the creaks of the Elim and he is troubled."
1 "What ails the Elim?"
"The contamination spreads up through their roots.
Their branches twist in pain and they become violent and monstrous."
1 "The poor Elim."
"Baltasar mourns for his lost children. He wants their suffering to end.
We must cut them down as diseased branches are pruned from a tree so the whole may remain healthy."

Accept Edit

"End the suffering of the Rotten Branch Agrints and Wet Branch Rotrons in Magaro Primeval Forest.
Bring back their contaminated branches and I'll burn them to ashes to scatter on the soil"
X "The task is mine."

Decline Edit

"Baltasar whispers of his anguish and all of the villagers hear it
Can you hear it too?"
X "No..."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Is it done?"
1 "Aye"
"Though the Elim may not live again, their ashes will fertilize the soil. New life will grow from their remains, under the shade of Baltasar."


Ervin, the protector of Baltasar, said that the great tree was tormented by the anguished cries of his fallen Elim brothers.

You ended the suffering of the Agrints and Rotrons in Magaro Primeval Forest and brought their branches back to Ervin. She burned them and scattered the ashes on the soil.


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