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Baleyg is a Material Merchant found in the Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium. His wares are limited sale items with daily purchase limits. The sold-out items are restocked at 10am, noon, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, and midnight.

Location Edit

Dialogue Edit

"Azphelumbra, [Player Name].
If you're speaking with me, it means you're in need of special materials, yes? Please, let me help you. if my goods will aid your battle against our enemies, it will be like I have fought beside you in some small way."
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Goods Offered Edit

ItemLevelCostDaily LimitsTotal per Day
Aether Powder <Aether Powder> 10 392 Kinah icon 45 15,000
Aether Crystal <Aether Crystal> 20 985 Kinah icon 27 9,000
Greater Aether Crystal <Greater Aether Crystal> 20 4,800 Kinah icon 20 6,670
Aether Gem <Aether Gem> 30 2,630 Kinah icon 20 6,670
Greater Aether Gem <Greater Aether Gem> 30 12,950 Kinah icon 12 4,000
Pure Aether Gem <Pure Aether Gem> 30 63,710 Kinah icon 7 2,335
Aether <Aether> 40 4,930 Kinah icon 12 4,000
Greater Aether <Greater Aether> 40 24,130 Kinah icon 7 2,335
Pure Aether <Pure Aether> 40 118,940 Kinah icon 5 1,670
Brilliant Aether <Brilliant Aether> 40 586,035 Kinah icon 2 670
Magical Aether <Magical Aether> 50 8,785 Kinah icon 7 2,334
Greater Magical Aether <Greater Magical Aether> 50 32,688 Kinah icon 5 1,667
Pure Magical Aether <Pure Magical Aether> 50 152,372 Kinah icon 2 667
Brilliant Magical Aether <Brilliant Magical Aether> 50 750,780 Kinah icon 1 334
*Note: Prices are an approximate 100% value and may fluctuate based on your servers' Influence Ratio.

Notes Edit

  • Bundled items can be double-clicked to produce three items one level below the bundled item. For example, Greater Aether can be double-clicked to give you three Aether.
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