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Map of Balaurea (4.8)

Balaurea is the set of lands located in the outer halves of Atreia. As its name indicates, this land is the Balaur's homeland. However, as time passed, Elyos and Asmodians have conquered and claimed certain regions as theirs.

Regions of Balaurea serve as the main playground for players of level 50 and above. Being introduced much later than Elysea and Asmodae, new zones are added to the game from time to time.


Before the Cataclysm, Balaurea was nothing but a completely unknown world for the ancient Atreians outside the Aetheric Field. This veiled land was for them was just an eternal battlefield, under constant threat of their mortal enemies, the Balaur, and the natural hardships its foreign locations imposed. While being under constant threat, with no secure settlements or Obelisks, only the most powerful and elite soldiers were allowed to venture into these areas; usually legions trained and directly led by Empyrean Lords (such as the Siel's Spear Legion).

As the Balaur empire grew, each Dragon Lord was assigned a set of zones. There, they would establish in them, setting their capital in one of them and spread their forces across the rest. Claiming those zones as theirs, they assaulted any sapien tribe (sometimes enslaving them) and seizing any possible menace, whether it was just wildlife or other. To make these the most efficient locations to inhabit, they began to grow Drana plants, strengthening themselves, weakening the presence of their enemies and affecting the landscape.

However, not everything was under the Balaur's control. Certain races, such as the Danuar, successfully opposed to their takeover. Even after having been in conflict against them since the dawn of time, they had still not gotten used to each other's presence, making it a life-long confrontation. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the Balaur eventually got ahead of them, marking the beginning of the ancient race's extinction, and an era in which all Balaurea was governed by the Drakan.

Time passed, and as the peace conference held at the base of the Tower of Eternity failed, causing the Cataclysm, the epic shattering of the planet, the Balaur were sealed from the inner halves of the planet. With their access blocked off, they began empowering themselves; rather than sheer force and numbers, they developed machinery, as well as impenetrable fortresses and sanctuaries. Unknown by most Dragon Lords however, a new race began to rise, one which will contribute to the downfall of one of them. Reians, while weak at this point, will eventually ally with Daevas to confront their true enemies.

As the three-front war progressed, the gates to Balaurea opened up once again for Daevas. With the aid of the Reians, they were able to build their own strongholds, and adapt to Balaurea's conditions. As they gained power over the land, they, for the first time, had put pressure on the Balaur, putting them in danger of losing their beloved territory.

Many mysteries still await in this misted continent. With each passing day, each faction becomes stronger and discovering the secrets hidden inside this ancient land might turn the tide the war; in whose favour, is yet to be determined.

Map of Balaurea (4.7)


  • Inggison (First Elyos foothold in Balaurea. Elyos/Balaur influence)
  • Gelkmaros (First Asmodian foothold in Balaurea. Asmodian/Balaur influence)
  • Silentera Canyon (Underground corridor connecting the above regions. Contested)
  • Sarpan (Balaur influence, Reian homeland. Destroyed)
  • Tiamaranta (Balaur influence. Reian influence after Tiamat's death. Destroyed)
  • Tiamaranta's Eye (Balaur influence, Reian influence after Tiamat's death, Destroyed)
  • Katalam (Danuar influence. Contested. Destroyed)
  • Danaria (Danuar influence. Shugo Commerce Union's influence and contested. Destroyed)
  • Idian Depths (Contested/Balaur influence, separated versions for Elyos and Asmodians. Destroyed)
  • Levinshor (Balaur influence; Tiamat’s seat of power prior to ascension as a Dragon Lord. Destroyed)
  • Kaldor (Former Danuar land. Destroyed)
  • Cygnea (Balaur influence, sunken in the ocean. Elyos influence)
  • Enshar (Balaur influence, sunken in the ocean. Asmodian influence)
  • Lakrum (Balaur influence, discovered upon chasing Ereshkigal. Contested)
  • Demaha (Controlled by both Stellin Industries and Balaur. Contested)


Maps in Balaurea follow completely different rules compared to Elysea/Asmodae:

  • Monsters become increasingly tougher (explained as there being a lack of Aether in Balaurea, which prevents Daevas from utilizing their full potential unlike in Elysea/Asmodae).
  • Instances become tougher (and timed in some cases) but also offer much better rewards. Groups might begin setting up minimum gear/stat requirements.
  • Shared maps; greater emphasis on the game's PvP aspect.
  • Flight transportation has a reduced role. After Inggison/Gelkmaros, no more bind point teleports. Instead new transportation methods open up (direct teleportation, windstreams, rifts, geysers etc.)
  • Balaur have a more relevant role. Dragon Lords may be encountered and fought.


  • Even though Balaurea is part of the planet, certain texts dismiss it and only consider Asmodae and Elysea part of Atreia.
  • The ground of Balaurea seems to be softer than the one from the inner halves, making it much more vulnerable to explosions, most likely causing underground collapses.