Azphel, Lord of Shadow

Azphel, known as the Lord of Shadow, is one of the Empyrean Lords, the Arch Shedim of the kingdom of Asmodae and serves as leader to the other four Shedim Lords.

Character Edit

He is decisive and strong-willed, and symbolised by darkness, and the direction North. Strict with everybody, including himself; a perfectionist. Azphel's power is unmatched by any Daeva or any of the other Lord's. Zikel, the Lord of Destruction, who is normally arrogant and prideful, bows before him. And Nezekan, who is said to be the indestructible shield of the Elyos, fears him. His strength perhaps could even rival that of Dragon Lord Fredgion. Azphel is a master of weapons and magic. 

He believes that the utmost priority for the Lords is to eliminate the Balaur and protect the tower, and that Ariel has abandoned her responsibilities. Indeed, it seems that all the other Protectors have abandoned their responsibilities. However, he was caught by surprise when Lady Siel, the most dutiful lord was swayed by Lord Israphel.  

He believes that Ariel is too weak-willed to be a leader, and resents her attitude that she knew best how to protect the Tower of Eternity, in spite of his urging against trying to make peace. He believes that her weakness and ignorance caused the destruction of the Tower and the shattering of Atreia. Lord Azphel saw through Israphel's guise, but could do nothing against the other lords' decisions.  

Lord Azphel's strength and intelligence is feared by all in Elysea, being looked upon as a Lord of Misfortune. The Seraphim Lords fear his wrath. Regardless, he does not allow such cowardice to advert his will.  

Post Cataclysm History Edit

Lord Asphel

We Declare War!

After the Cataclysm, he went to the northern hemisphere along with his followers, to defend that base of the Tower of Eternity. He became the leader of the Shedim Lords and ruler of all Asmodians.

Despite the hardships and odds against him, Lord Azphel did not allow himself to falter in his responsibilities. Asmodae needed a savior more than ever. Taking all the despair and suffering upon himself, he guided the Asmodians to thrive and adapt. Many people view Azphel more than just a protector, but a role model, and savior.

After the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Asmodae, Azphel seems to have withdrawn from the limelight of his people. Instead, he wishes to give the Asmodians their own sense of resolve and self-suffeciency. Although there were many consequences towards Azphel's decision, there proved to be many fruitful people to rise because of this (Particularly the savior of Asmodae).   

After the end of the Abyssal Wars and victory over Hellion, he later orders Lord Marchutan to attack Tiamaranta and pursue Siel's Relics. His real goal however, was to lure out Lephar and discover his plans.

Aion Online - Epilogue cutscene

Aion Online - Epilogue cutscene

Azphel sends reinforcements to aid Marchutan

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