Nobekk is looking for Azpha, a herb known to heal wounds. Collect 10 samples, and return them to him.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find ten Azpha roots and take them back to <Nobekk>.
<Azpha> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to Lake Tunapre and gather Azpha from the plants located there. Return to Nobekk for your reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Oh my wary, aching bones!
Not so long ago I was a sprightly young lad who could handle just about anything thrown my way. Now it takes me days to recover from the simplest task. It's this job, I tell you--lookin' after that <Rae> kid.
She's a handful, and she's got a mean right hook. <Ulgorn> don't want her followin' in his footsteps, but she's her father's daughter that's for sure. Look at these bruises!"
1 "Sounds like you need a healing potion."
"Yeah, but they ain't cheap, and I ain't made of Kinah, [Player Name].
I got options, though. I'm one of the few raiders Old <Urd> talks to, and she told me 'bout a local healing remedy made with Azpha.
You can use the herb to make a quick healing potion. It grows naturally around here, but lately, it's been hard to come by."
1 "I think I see where this is going..."
"Yeah? Well...My back's in knots and I'm in agony.
I need someone to replenish my stock of Azpha so I can make more of this potion. Will you help me out? About three would be enough, I reckon."

Accept Edit

"Thanks. I owe you one...
The Azpha usually grows in leafy areas around here. I'd check through the Tunapre Lake or the Munihele Forest."
X "I'll be back."

Decline Edit

"Oh come on...
It's about money, right? I'll pay you for the herbs! Come on [Player Name], I could really use the help."
X "I'll think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Ow! Oh, my aching back! I need a massage.
Oh, it's you. Did you find the Azpha herbs I asked for?"
1 "I think so. Here..."
"Yeah, these are perfect!
Now all I need to do is grind up the herbs into a paste, and apply it to my back. I can't wait to get some relief from this pain!
Here you go, [Player Name]. For your troubles."

Summary Edit

Nobekk asked you to collect Azpha, an herb that will help soothe his aching muscles. You brought him 3 Azpha roots at his request.

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