Pernos was enraged at Tutty's death. He hired you to kill Dukaki Kobolds in vengeance and bring him their spoons.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Kobold Spoon <Kobold Spoon> (0/3)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk to Pernos to get quest. Kill Dukaki Smackers and Dukaki Brawlers in the strip mine and obtain 3 Kobold Spoons. Take the spoons back to Pernos to collect the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial DialogueEdit

"Those filthy vermin...
Those diseased, greedy vermin are a pox on the face of Elysea, and I will not suffer their presence any longer.
You! You're a battle-trained [Player Class], aren't you? Those Kobalds, fat and slow from their banquet, would be easy targets for you, wouldn't they?"
1 "You're hiring me to avenge a Porgus?"
"We can sort the details later, [Player Class].
Remedy this headache of mine. Go back to the Kabarah Strip Mine. Hunt Dukaki Smackers down. Dukaki Brawlers if you see them, too. They foul the air of Poeta. Nobody would mourn them!
You will do this, won't you?"

Accept Edit

"Good. It's in your hands then.
It's the Dukaki Smackers and Dukaki Brawlers that were responsible for Tutty's demise--they're the ones I want killed.
Oh, and as for proof, bring me the spoons they use for their meal. Five should do--something to put on his grave, so he knows he was avenged..."
X "Sure. I can do that."

Decline Edit

You've been killing them anyway! Were I younger I'd just go myself! Is there no on who will exact my revenge for me?!
Leave me, [Player Class]. Just my luck to find a mercenary who doesn't want money!"
X "Good luck."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"So, have you cleansed the mine of gluttonous Kobolds yet?"
1 "It was their last meal."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Kobold spoons-- this will be perfect for Tutty's monument.
Here's your reward. Take it, and this old man's thanks..."

Failed Item Check Edit

Are you mocking me? Do you find this funny, [Player Class]?
I asked you for five [sic] of their spoons, where are they?"
X "I'll get right on it...."

Summary Edit

After you told him that the Dukaki Kobolds had murdered Tutty, he paid you to kill them and bring back their spoons as proof.

You went to the Kabarah Strip Mine, slaughtered Kobolds, and avenged Tutty.

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