Avatar of Earth
Avatar of Earth
Tango activation 1.5s
Tango cooldown 1h
Tango duration 5m
Classes All
Level 75
Type Buff
Target Self
Avatar of Earth
lvl 1 - 9
Grants access to exclusive skills. Has a chance to turn you into an Avatar of Earth that can restrain targets so that they unable to free themselves even when they are hit. Transformation changes your stats, skills and weapon, negates most ongoing effects and recovers HP and MP.
Cast Time

Avatar of Earth is one of the transformations available to the player once level 75 is reached. This state removes buffs and certain consumables' effect, renders the player unable to use class-specific skills but gives access to unique ones and fully recovers HP and MP. During this state, any attack performed may trigger a restraining effect on the target.

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