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Augmented Fleshgolem

Augmented Fleshgolem is one of the three possible lesser bosses in the Archives of Eternity, along with the <Relic Techgolem> and <Crystalized Shardgolem>. They are the defenders of the ancient knowledge contained in the library.

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This boss offers the highest difficulty of the three lesser versions. His room will have four artifacts; the <Primary Conduit>, the <Secondary Conduit>, the <Tertiary Conduit> and the <Quaternary Conduit>. Whenever he casts Macro type 1 <Shimmer>, one by one, the generators will be activated. When active, they will spawn an additional monster. It cannot be attacked, and can only be despawned by deactivating the generator by interacting with it. If a player is too close to the monster, they will receive a dangerous debuff which will silence them and inflict damage over time. Due to the danger of these monsters, groups opt to designate each generator to a player, who will deactivate them when they go active.

Additionally, the group will have to deal with other skills as well. Macro type 1 <Zephyrstrike> will deal damage on all targets in front of the boss, Macro type 1 <Flurry> will deal damage on a single target, 22px <Luminescence> will inflict damage on a target and enemies surrounding it. More threatening skills include Macro type 1 <Mystic Fetters>, indicating that the boss will summon similar additional monsters to the ones form the generators around him (these will remain stationary however, and will pull any enemies to them, leaving the same debuff on them), Nightmare Root <Whispering Blade>, which will silence targets within 15 meters, Nightmare Root <Stagger (skill)>, reducing movement speed of enemies within 15 mteres, and Nightmare Root <Pushback>, reducing movement speed of enemies which are 10 meters or more far from the boss.

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