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Aturam H

The Aturam Sky Fortress was a solo instance for players of level 55 and above, introduced with the 3.0 update. In this instance the player infiltrates an airborne Shulack workshop is used by the Tiamat Army as a Dredgion maintenance station and weapons development plant.

In the 4.8 update this instance underwent a number of changes. Its access point was also moved; it could since be accessed from the Saphic Bog in Cygnea (Elyos) and Pentachroma Coast in Enshar (Asmodians). In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game.


AION Cutscenes HD - Aturam Sky Fortress

AION Cutscenes HD - Aturam Sky Fortress

Hariken explaining the laydown on the Aturam Sky Fortress

Located inside a rock floating above the skies of Sarpan is the Aturam Sky Fortress, a Dredgion maintenance and repair station in charge of organizing and supplying the troops. The Tiamat Army uses this location as the rally point for their assaults on Daeva-owned fortresses, or to defend the Bulwark from the Elyos or Asmodian forces that are trying to infiltrate.

The Reians, having deducted that it is impossible to face off with Tiamat as things were, dispatched infiltration forces into the fortress to shut it down. But as their agents came out with the news that such a feat cannot be done alone, they now turn to the Elyos and Asmodians for aid. Inside the player faces off against the Kaichin Engineering League and their creations, as well as <Ashunatal Shadowslip>, one of Tiamat's most trusted subordinates.

Walkthrough Edit

Aturam map

Map of Aturam Sky Fortress

The instance is split into three sections, with each section having its own mini-boss. In each section the player boards and uses a Tachysphere, a sturdy and lethal Drana-powered device that comes with unique skills, to safely traverse the area and deal with its monster groups. With this the instance is similar to the mechanic employed inside Taloc's Hollow, although the mini-boss of each section still has to be faced by the player himself.

As of the 4.8 update players start in the Atrium, where they may interact with Hariken to obtain relevant quests. Just up ahead is the Airship Pad, the central rally point of the instance.

If the player wishes to do just the final part of the instance (for the souvenir and/or quest purposes) they may immediately board the Steam Tachysphere found to their right. Players who wish to complete the other two sections first however may interact with the <Balaur Teleport Device> in the center instead, and proceed to either of the following zones. Both of these zones offer a teleport back to the Airship Pad once completed.

Dredgion Fabrication Zone Edit

Dredfz pathing

The path through the Dredgion Fabrication Zone.

The goal in this area is to destroy the area's five Power Generators, which will each spawn a protector monster once destroyed. Once all five protectors have been downed the path to the Master Workshop opens.

In order to safely traverse the area the player has to board and make use of the <Magma Tachysphere> found to their right upon entering. This device can be freely moved and comes with three unique skills to quickly defeat clustered groups of enemies. It does not have a healing ability however, so players will need to exercise some care as not to be overwhelmed.

To compensate for the lack of a healing ability, both this area and the Sky Fortress Warehouse Zone have a number of <Flagon> scattered throughout. These will restore HP when interacted with.

Inside the Master Workshop the player will face off against <Popuchin (R)>. His main skill is Macro type 1 <Drop the Drana Bomb>, which will summon a number of bombs that will explode after some time to deal damage to nearby targets. At low health he may also follow this up with Drana Storm <Drana Storm>, an AoE that inflicts damage and detonates any bombs currently on the field. After vanquishing Popuchin collect the spoils from his corpse (and the quest item from the document box, if applicable), then take the teleportal behind him to get back to the Airship Pad.

Sky Fortress Warehouse Zone Edit

Skywhz pathing

The path through the Sky Fortress Warehouse Zone. Blue dots are the Spy Crystals, yellow paths are optional.

Once again the player must board a <Magma Tachysphere>, this time featuring a lethal cone-shaped frontal AoE for its [2] skill. Monsters in this area are stacked in larger groups and density, requiring additional caution.

The objective in this area is to locate and destroy the seven <Balaur Spy Crystal>. Especially the last few are heavily guarded and will require swift attacking. While following the main pathway (red) players may also opt to explore two optional areas (yellow).

Once ready board the Tachysphere and head down left, clearing out the first few monster groups and Spy Crystal as you go. Interact with the Heavy Handle at the end of the path to unlock the next area, the Supply Station. The first of the two optional areas is also found here, which besides quest items also contains several Balaur <Armament Box> that may yield consumables.

Proceed along the route, pulling and clearing monster groups as you go. The next area is the Weapons Station, which holds the final three Spy Crystals as well as several <Flagon> and more <Armament Box>. After destroying the final Spy Crystal players may opt to turn left for the second optional path. At the end of it players will find <Aldreen>, a bonus named monster who may drop the Shulack Work Clothes costume when defeated. When ready to proceed, dispatch of the Talon Guardian in front of the gate leading to Talon Laboratory, and be prepared for the additional wave of monsters that will storm out from behind it.

The instance's second mini-boss is <Weapon H>. By default it has the Rage I <Absolute Defense> buff active, which will shield it from all damage. Destroying at least two of the four <Energy Generators> located around it will enable players to damage it, but is recommended to destroy all four before engaging. If Weapon H is aggroed before the generators are destroyed, it should be kited while destroying the generators with ranged attacks.

The boss itself is a simple fight, his only combo being Collect Defect (pull) followed by Scrap (close-range AoE that inflicts knockdown). After vanquishing it take the teleportal back to the Airship Pad.

Dredgion Command Center Edit

On the right side of the Airship Pad the player will find the Steam Tachysphere waiting for them. This version comes with a self-heal ability ([4]) that will restore 50% HP. Once boarded it will travel to the instance's final area.

The Dredgion Command Center has numerous Balaur troops stationed within it, but with the Tachysphere's powerful attacks and self-heal the player will come out on top. In order to proceed the player has to defeat all Drakan Petty Officers in the room, who are positioned within the mob groups. Two waves of Balaur reinforcements will appear from the left once the initial officers have been dispatched, and this pattern will be repeated for the second room. Once all officers have been defeated a final named monster will spawn, Commander Barus, and after defeating him the player will have an initial skirmish with the instance's final boss before she runs off.

Ashunatal's Ready Room Edit

A shadows

Ashunatal's Three Shadows

<Ashunatal Shadowslip> can be a nasty fight if the player is undergeared. The first half of the fight (>50% HP) is marked by her periodically entering Hide I <Hide I> and summoning adds from one out of three types of shadows: Decay (green), Explosion (red) or Disruption (blue). All shadows will move faster than the player, making kiting impossible, and will either inflict status ailments (decay, disruption) or self-destruct near the player after some time (explosion). They will despawn on their own after some time, but it is best to kill them as soon as possible.

Below 50% the boss will be fighting herself, using a variety of buffs and skills instead of summoning shadows. Shadow Cloak (buff) will boost her Evasion rate, while Hemophobia is a powerful AoE attack that also inflicts a DoT (bleed). Other skills include Shadow Snare, which will slow the player and increase the damage taken by certain attacks, and its follow-up attack, Crawling Darkness. Provided the player has decent gear, it is best to use healing potions where possible and try to finish her off as soon as possible.

Trivia Edit

  • The entrance was originally located in Garldar Village in Sarpan. When entering Aturam Sky Fortress for the first time players could only reach the last boss monster after completing all quests given by Hariken. There also was a longer entryway section that needed to be traversed first before the player arrived at the Atrium.
  • The original rewards included hero-grade armor and a small chance at fabled accessories, as well as 22px Kahrun Symbols by defeating out the final boss and completing repeatable quests inside. After the 4.8 update this was changed to fabled-grade armor. Players also had a chance to obtain the Shulack Work Clothes costume.
  • The models of the Balaur inside were changed from Tiamat Balaur to Beritra Balaur after the 4.8 update.

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