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Asteros is the priest of the Nobelium temple in Akarios Village. He is well-respected by the village residents.

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"Please keep your voice down inside our Nobelium. Some of you mercenaries are quite loud.
The great Daeva, Akarios, gave his life in defense of this village many years ago.
I preserve his memory so that the villagers do not forget his noble sacrifice. Would you know more?"
1 "Yes, please."
X "I've heard enough."
"Akarios, and all those chosen for ascension, possessed the same powers that our Seraphim Lords wield. A Daeva must accept the responsibility that power brings, and the good that they are capable of achieving.
I sense something special in you. To no realize that potential would be a terrible, terrible shame [Player Name].
However, I fear that your mercenary heart may not be inclined to use your skills for the benefit of Elysea."
X "I will try."

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  • Asteros was supposed to have different dialogue for players after they have ascended, but it seems it was never implemented. That dialogue should have been:
"[Player Name]! You have returned to the village as a Daeva - this is an honor for all of us!
Peace be with you, and please consider Akarios Village a second home.
May the light of your eternal youth never be extinguished!"
X "Arieluma, friend."

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