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Asteria Chamber map

Asteria Chamber map

Asteria Chamber or Carpus Isle Storeroom is a fortress group instance for players of level 40 and above. Players can access this instance from Carpus Isle in Sullenscale Rive on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Like other Fortress Instances, monsters inside it will aggro regardless of level.

As of 4.9, the entrance was moved from Asteria Fortress to Lower Reshanta, due to the fortress being made inactive.

Backstory Edit

As the Balaur dominated the fortress, they found a portal in the inner chambers, leading to a small canyon somewhere in Lake Asteria. This beautiful scene was soon adapted to hold the Balaur's previous treasures. To ease up access, the portal was reshaped as a painting, reflecting the beauty of that sanctum and all the spoils it contains. However, as other factions gained control of the stronghold, they soon found out this hidden area, as well as its guards, hoarding several riches.

As Ereshkigal's relics found in Drakenspire Depths released strong energy waves, Reshanta was suffered a shift in its temperature. Allowing the rising of the Dragon Lord's armies, it caused the outer fortresses to be neutralised, sealing the original entrance. With the sudden appearance of the central archipelago of Lower Reshanta, strange portals leading to this chambers were discovered, re-enabling access to the affected treasure rooms.

Walkthough Edit

The small area is composed of a central circular platform, connected through three bridges to three narrow treasure room. As soon as players cross the Protective Ward, a 15 minute countdown will begin, indicating when the treasure chests will disappear. Each room holds only one Treasure Box, which can only be opened if a player is in possession of the appropriate key, held by the room's unique mob.

Each room is heavily guarded. Nonetheless, players should avoid attacking the room's boss, as it will instantly cause all mobs in the room to aggro on the attacker, making it imperative to clear it out before engaging the boss. Each boss has a different difficulty, turning harder from left to right to the middle.

The room on the left is led by a <Dakaer Chanter>, holding the Key type 4 <Golden Abyss Key>, used to open the chest behind him. While this priest Balaur guard does not possess unique skills, its defences and HP pool is larger than the regular one. The room on the right is guarded by <Dakaer Tactician>, holding the Key type 2 <Jeweled Abyss Key>. Also not possessing any unique skills.

The main treasure room, on the back, will be guarded by <Ebonlord Kiriel>. His skillset include pulling targets to him, several magical attacks, but most notably, a shield which reduces physical damaged inflicted on him which he will keep throughout the fight, making a magic damage dealer more ideal for this encounter.

Prizes Edit

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