To secure a new strategic foothold, destroy the Fang Trolls' Houses and force them to move elsewhere.

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There are roughly 4 Troll Houses scattered around the Fang Troll Encampment. They are a little hard to spot and don't show up immediately on your screen. Look for several stationary trolls surrounding what looks like the mountainside. The Troll Houses can only be destroyed from inside (with the exception of ranged attacks or extendable weapons), so you must clean out each house before destroying it. Destroy the required 5 and return to Mostin.

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"Brigade General Thor has ordered me to find a new strategic foothold nearer the Balaur encampment. Red Mane Cavern is too far for effective spying, he says.
He wants to establish a new bind point near the Hoarfrost Fortress.
I do have a place in mind, but..."
1 "But what?"
"But the place I have in mind is the Fang Troll Encampment. It's the perfect position.
Of course, it's also full of Fang Trolls. But that's not necessarily an insurmountable problem.
The real problem is not committing our forces to cleaning out the trolls while leaving ourselves open to Balaur attack."
1 "And your solution?"
"Destroy their houses. Make them retreat to a more remote location.
That can be done with a much smaller force, possibly without attracting attention from the Balaur.
I'm looking for someone who can handle the job. Are you interested, [Player Name]?"

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"Good. I probably don't have to tell you how stupid trolls are, but not so stupid that they won't run away when someone obliterates their houses.
So get yourself to the Fang Troll Encampment and take down some Troll's Houses, then report back to me.
I'm counting on you."
X "This shouldn't take long."

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"Well, A Daeva's duty can't be forced, it's true.
Still, I rather thought I could count on you for help.
I'll ask someone else then."
X "Perhaps you should."

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"Some people think we should just eliminate the Fang Trolls altogether.
I'm not sure we should, and those weren't my orders from Brigade General Thor. I'm hoping my plan will fulfill our immediate objectives.
How are things in the Fang Troll Encampment?"
1 "A bit underpopulated."
"I hope they just go away now.
But either way, you've earned your pay.
Good job, [Player Name]."

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Mostin said she was looking for a new strategic foothold for the fight against the Balaur. The Fang Troll Encampment seemed appropriate, but unfortunately occupied by Fang Trolls.

At her suggestion, you destroyed the Fang Troll's Houses, hoping to drive them away.

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