Find Munin and talk with him.

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Objectives Edit

  • Talk with <Munin>.
  • Talk with <Urd> and receive the card that tells you about your past.
  • Talk with <Verdandi> and receive the card that tells you about your present.
  • Talk with <Skuld> and receive the card that tells you about your future.
  • Talk with Munin.
  • Enter the prophecy set up by Munin.
  • Advance to Ataxiar.
  • Defeat the Guardian Assassins. (0/4)
  • Defeat Brigade General Hellion.
  • Talk with Munin and decide your path.

Basic Reward Edit

Additional Reward Edit

Granted when you become a Daeva

Walkthrough Edit

This quest is given automatically when your character hits level 9. Essentially, the quest completion will advance you to level 10. Completing other quests afterwards is a better way to advance in levels, and not lose potential experience that would otherwise be lost. You must speak to Munin and begin a run around Ishalgen speaking with others about your life. After talking to Munin and beginning the quest, immediately return and fly to Aldelle Village. Talk with Urd there to receive the <Destiny Card of the Past>. Now go talk to Verdandi and receive the <Destiny Card of the Present>. Speak with Skuld to receive the <Destiny Card of the Future>. Return to Munin with the three cards and discuss your findings. After the cutscene, speak with Munin again to enact the prophesy. When you arrive at Vanpern Obelisk, speak with <Hagen> and watch your descent onto Narsass. Upon landing you are attacked by 4 Guardian Assassins. Kill them and Brigade General Hellion attacks you. Drop the Generals life bar to below 30% to watch an epic battle cutscene. Once done speak to Munin and choose which path you will continue your journey on.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Since our first meeting, I have seen something different in you, [Player Name]. You may already have your suspicions, but now it's time to uncover the truth. The truth!
Your future is a path ahead of you. You can meander along the path's branches, but your ultimate destination is set.
Whether you are ready or not, I must show you that destination. But beware! Beware! Some cannot handle a truth so wondrous and terrifying."
1 "I can handle it."
"We shall see, [Player Name]. Let me be clear about the stakes. I believe you will ascend beyond mortality--beyond death itself. I believe you will soon become a Daeva.
But I sense something else. Your eyes show a fire...a fire I have not seen for years. That fire reminds[sic] of another pair of eyes....
A pair of eyes gazing back at me from within the waters of Gribade Crater Lake, its waters churning as the fiery remnants of the Tower of Eternity drifted away from our planet..."
1 "You saw the Cataclysm?"
"Yes. I was there when the Tower of Eternity was destroyed and Atreia torn asunder.
I watched my friends and family scream in terror as our world was ripped apart. Something knocked me out. When I awoke, I lie[sic] face down in the lake. I should have died twice that day. Instead, I discovered I'd ascended. That's when I saw eyes like yours--under the surface of the lake.
My allies haven't heard from me in years, though they know I'm imprisoned here. They live secret lives among the raiders and cutthroats in Ishalgen. Each remains loyal and will surrender a card of fate if you mention my name."
1 "Where must I go?"
"First you must call on Urd in Aldelle Village. She was the first to discover where I'd been imprisoned after my...transgression. Urd carries the card that will show you your past--the first step toward your full revelation.
Next, enter the Munihele Forest and visit Verdandi. Her behavior is strange...strange indeed. Speak to her, and she'll hand you a card depicting your preset circumstances.
Finally, head to the cliffs near Anturoon Crossing. You should find a lone girl there named Skuld. She holds the card of your future.
Once you have all three cards, return to me and we'll read them together."
1 "The task is mine!"

Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"So, [Player Name] has returned to us?
When you left the camp last time, I assumed you were off to bigger and better things, and we'd never see you again.
Did you find the big, bad world too rough and tumble for you, [Player Class]? Hmm?"
1 "Hardly. Munin sent me for a card of fate."
"Munin? He knows I'm here?
I knew I'd fooled the raiders into thinking I was just an old tailor.... I should have known Munin had already sensed my presence.
But Munin's will is also mine--and it's clear he sees something in you I cannot. Come here, close your eyes, and let us delve into your past."
1 "What...what do you see?"
"I see a black bird, like those who fly over Aldelle Basin, rising from a field of rocks and thorny vines.
Here is the card. The black bird is now inscribed upon it, and the card will guide Munin as he shows you the future.
You'll need two more cards. I expect Munin will have you travel to the Munihele Forest and see Verdandi. Until you reveal that you come from Munin, she may be somewhat...difficult."
1 "On my way."
"So you're the source of the stench on the wind.
Why have you returned to me, cur? I would sooner bathe in Bellepig swill than spend a moment in your odious company.
Depart or I'll turn you into a Ribbit!"
1 "Munin sent me to retrieve a card."
"Lord Munin? He sent you for a card of fate?
My perfect disguise has finally slipped. I suppose it's fitting the one who saw my true form was the very man I came to aid.
What Munin sees in you is beyond me, but he wouldn't waste his breath bantering with a mere raider. So let's see if I can catch a glimpse. Give me your hand, [Player Name]."
1 "Here you are."
"Your hand tells the tale of an eventful life laced with both hope and tragedy. This line here is your conscience, fine and unfaltering.
This line is your life--and look! Your line seems to stop suddenly, then branch into the rest of your palm. I've never seen anything like it.
Now that I've seen your hand, I have just the card for you. Take it to Munin along with the card from Urd--but claim your final card first. Head to Anturoon Crossing and speak with Skuld."
1 "On my way!"
"Can you feel the breeze on your face, [Player Name]? Do you feel the shifting soil beneath your feet, and the cold spray of the rushing tides on your face?
If you can, cherish it, because you are truly alive. You are the delicate being in this great world...this world that can take your life from you in an instant.
The things you feel now, you feel them because they matter to you. The immortals do not feel so keenly, for the passing years dull their senses. Savor such things. Savor them while you still can."
1 "I'm here for a card."
"Of course you are. But indulge me, if you please.
I can perceive the unseen, but Munin sees far more than I can. I want to know what he sees in you. I want to know why you have been chosen when hundreds--nay, thousands!--of others are ignored.
Come closer. I need to look into your eyes."
1 "What do you see?"
"Now I understand, at least dimly, what Munin saw.
Here is the card that depicts your future. If you read the card now, it will make no sense. When Munin combines its insight with the other two cards, he will envelop you within a vision of your future.
Now go. The tide is rushing in, and I long to be alone with this broken world once more."
1 "Here I go."
"Welcome back, [Player Name].
I felt my disciples' spirits rise with hope as you met them. I cannot reunite with them, for it is still too dangerous...far too attempt an escape.
But my imprisonment is not your problem...yet. We are but two small actors in a pageant played out across our sundered world. My task is to help you. Show me the cards you gathered."
1 "Here are the cards."
"So, a past represented by the black bird, a present that faces a departure, and a future...a stormy future.
Your life had a rocky beginning, child, but you rose above such trial and hardship. Your present is an impending change--one that will alter you and those you love. And both turbulence and unmatched power herald your future. But that future isn't carved in stone.
Always remember: history shapes, choice defines."
1 "Much like the Asmodian people?"
"Exactly! Exactly! Darkness shrouds our lands, and we must scavenge for the meager morsels we can force ourselves to eat. But we Asmodians grew strong in spite of--or perhaps because of--our environment.
As for you, your environment is about to change. You will become a Daeva, [Player Name]! When you are ready, I will grant you a glimpse...a glimpse of what is to come."
1 "Show me the future."
"What an epic battle! Judging by the way the others greeted you, [Player Name], you will indeed become a powerful Daeva.
That man you fought was Hellion. Hellion! One of the most powerful warriors among the Elyos. And that final attack...I've never seen anything like it before.
We cannot know what happens after he strikes you down, but you must not take this as your unavoidable fate. The future is not fixed! Not fixed!"
1 "I do not fear the future."
"I risk a great deal with my next words. After all, mere words led to my imprisonment here.
So just one more thing, [Player Name]. One day I will save your life. I don't yet know the circumstances, but something stirring in my blood tells me that you and I will need each other someday."
1 "On that day, I'll help you."
"Thank you, [Player Name].
Now, I must help you ascend. To beome a Daeva, you myst take one of two paths--a choice that defines how you will face the future.
You must choose between becoming a Gladiator and becoming a Templar.
Which will it be? Will you fight for the Asmodian people with sharpened swords and mighty polearms, or will you protect them behind a sturdy shield?"
1 "Tell me more of the Gladiators."
2 "Tell me more of the Templars."
"Templars are brave and noble warriors who think nothing of shedding their own blood to keep their allies safe. A Templar's skill and valor can confound even the strongest foes. There's more to being a Templar, though...
Templars are also capable healers, using Aether to defend, protect, and sustain both themselves and their friends in the heat of battle.
Does that sound like the road for you, [Player Name]?"
1 "To serve is my duty; I am a Templar."
2 "I need to consider the alternative."
"A Gladiator is a mighty warrior, trained to be capable with a wide range of weapons.
Gladiators are fearsome and awe-inspiring, standing toe to toe with the enemy, smashing through their defenses and causing havoc among their scattering ranks.
I have known many Gladiators in my time, and though they become scarred and bruised over the centuries, their will never falters, regardless of the circumstance. Brave, brave folk.
Does this sound like the patch you wish to walk, [Player Name]?"
1 "The heart of a Gladiator beats within me."
2 "I need to consider the alternative."
"Remember, the two paths are highly specialized.
The Gladiator can handle many weapons and smash through enemy ranks, while the Templar wields magic to swing the tide of battle.
You must be certain of your choice. It cannot be undone."
1 "I'll walk the path of the Gladiator."
2 "I'll walk the path of the Templar."
"Thank you, [Player Name].
Now, I must help you ascend. To become a Daeva, you must take one of two paths--a choice that defines how you will face the future.
You must choose between becoming an Assassin and becoming a Ranger.
Will you see a world hidden in shadows and mystery, or see the world as a target beyond the point of your arrow?"
1 "Tell me more about Assassins."
2 "Tell me more about Rangers."
"The shadow arts have caught your attention, have they?
Assassins are servants of death, highly skilled with their poisons and their daggers, and capable of inflicting crippling wounds upon their foes before they've even revealed their presence. With the advantage of initiative, nothing can stand against them.
A good Assassin knows when to fight and when to wait. Too headstrong, too impatient, and you'll suffer the consequences of your own weakness. Precision, awareness, and speed are the hallmarks of the talented Assassin.
Do you have those traits, [Player Name]? Do you see darkness in your reflection?"
1 "I walk the shadow path of the Assassin."
2 "I need to consider the alternative."
"A Ranger is a true master of a battlefield; others are mere pawns controlled by this thoughtful and agile combatant.
The key to a Ranger's mindset is forethought. Where is best to set my traps? Where should I retreat to lure my foes? How many of their number could I take down at once?
Answer these questions before the engagement begins, and your battle is already won.
Is this the path you would like to walk, [Player Name]?"
1 "Each task in life is a target. I am a Ranger."
2 "I need to consider the alternative."
"One last chance to make up your mind. Remember, this decision cannot be undone.
An Assassin is a delicate but ferocious beast, capable of stealthily approaching unsuspecting enemies and delivering fatal strikes. Even those fortunate enough to survive the initial onslaught will soon perish, as the Assassin's poisons spread through their crippled bodies.
Then there is the Ranger; an expert archer and trapper, capable of dealing with large groups of enemies. Even when enemies survive the traps and ranged attacks, they must face a highly talented close-quarters combatant.
Choose one, [Player Name], and choose wisely."
1 "I'll walk the path of the Assassin."
2 "I'll walk the path of the Ranger."
"Thank you, [Player Name].
Now, I must help you ascend. To become a Daeva, you must take one of two paths--a choice that defines how you will face the future.
For you, my friend, you may live as a Sorcerer or as a Spiritmaster.'
Which will it be? The path of terrifying raw power? Or would you rather travel life's journey with the spirits of Nature at your side?"
1 "Tell me more of the Sorcerers."
2 "Tell me more of the Spiritmasters."
"The Sorcerer's world is tempestuous, full of quicksilver flame and implacable sheets of ice. The elements are at the Sorcerer's command, wreaking havoc among even the mightiest of armies.
However, Sorcerers are not physically strong beings. If enemies are somehow strong enough to withstand the elemental onslaught, then the Sorcerer must rely on quick wits to survive.
Does this sound like a path you would like to walk, [Player Name]?"
1 "Such power entices. I am a Sorcerer."
2 "Let me consider the alternative."
"The Spiritmaster is the path I chose for myself, [Player Name].
A Spiritmaster's strength is found through the symbiotic relationship with their elemental summonings. Of course, every Spiritmaster is also a capable spell caster, but having such potent creatures at my command amplifies my powers many times over.
Spiritmasters must also discern which element is most useful in a given moment. Learning our craft will take time, but mastering it will make you one of the most feared beings in all of Atreia.
Is this the path you would like to walk?"
1 "I'm a Spiritmaster--I hear the spirits' call."
2 "Let me consider the alternative."
"Remember, this decision cannot be undone. Be certain before you choose, [Player Name].
The Sorcerer is a powerful spell caster, capable of astonishing damage and superlative battlefield control. However, while they are powerful offensively, they have little in the way of defenses, and are physically weak.
Spiritmasters are able to create creatures from the raw elements around them. These creatures fight alongside the Spiritmaster, often deflecting attention from their master as they work together in defeating their enemies.
Two roads...only one of which you can walk down. Which will it be?"
1 "I'll walk the path of the Sorcerer."
2 "I'll walk the path of the Spiritmaster."
"Thank you, [Player Name].
Now, I must help you ascend. To become a Daeva, you must take one of two paths--a choice that defines how you will face the future.
For you, my friend, may live from ow on as a Cleric or as a Chanter.
Which will it be? Will you set down your weapons and concentrate on aiding your allies, or will you arm yourself once again and confront those Elyos cowards face to face?"
1 "Tell me more about the Cleric."
2 "Tell me more about the Chanter."
"The Cleric is a backbone of any group, a pillar that supports all allies. Why are they so essential? Simple: Clerics are the strongest healers in Atreia, skilled at resurrecting their fallen comrades and keeping the entire group alive in the face of the most terrible creatures.
The responsibility is great, but once you develop a reputation as a talented Cleric, you will undoubtedly be in great demand, and your services to the Asmodian people will be recognized and rewarded.
Does this sound like the path you would like to walk, [Player Name]?"
1 "I keep others alive. Make me a Cleric."
2 "What about the alternative?"
"Chanters use magic in a different way than their priestly origins would suggest. While you expect a Priest of Cleric to stand behind the allies they support, the Chanter stands toe to toe with the enemy, shouting chants to allies while bringing impressive physical strength to bear against foes.
The Chanter is a versatile and powerful asset to any group, and many make the mistake of underestimating a Chanter's power.
Does this sound like the life you would like to lead, [Player Name]?"
1 "I crave it; the Chanter is for me."
2 "What about the alternative?"
"This is not a decision you should make lightly. It cannot be undone, so choose carefully. Allow me to explain the choices one more time:
A Cleric is an extremely powerful healer, relied on to shepherd entire parties through difficult situations.
A Chanter is a warrior-priest--a capable healer who also has the physical prowess to stand on the front lines. Their chants encourage and strengthen their allies when they need it most.
Which is to be, [Player Name]? The Cleric of the Chanter?"
1 "I'll walk the path of the Cleric."
2 "I'll walk the path of the Chanter."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"And so it is done.
"You are now ready to join the ranks of the ascended. Remember, though this is a gift...a gift from the Shedim Lords. You must swear your very existence to protecting the city of Pandaemonium and the Asmodian people, Deava and Human alike.
Your time is no longer yours, [Player Name]. Every minute of your waking life must be spent in defense of our people. You will see your family and friends grow old and die. I suggest you start cutting your ties with the mortals you know sooner rather than later.
But enough! It is time to return to Ishalgen."

Trivia Edit

  • Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld are the names of the Norn, three Norse goddesses representing the past, present and future respectively.
  • Munin is one of a pair of ravens (the other being Hugin) that serve as a messenger to Odin, the Norse ruler of Asgard. Hugin and Munin means "thought" and "memory" respectively.

Notes Edit

  • While the quest reward states that the experience rewarded for this quest is 79,200 experience, this isn't entirely correct. 79,200 experience is the total amount of experience needed to level from level 9 to level 10. This quest will not "spill over" experience towards level 11. Upon completing this quest, regardless of current experience, your character will be at level 10 with 0 experience towards level 11.

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Aion - Asmodian Campaign Quest - Ascension

Aion - Asmodian Campaign Quest - Ascension

Asmodian Campaign Quest - Ascension

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