Devalin says he wants to steal the Odella Juice contained within urns at the Odella Plantation and make money with it. Hurry to the Odella Plantation and bring Odella Juice back.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

Flask <Odella Juice> (0/7)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Devalin to obtain quest. Gather 7 Odella Juice from the Dundun Urns located around the Odella Plantation (right click on the vats to begin the gathering process). Bring the juice back to Devalin to receive reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Have you been up to the Odella Plantation yet? It's endlessly fascinating, though obviously difficult to visit with all the Mau and Dundun around.
Last time I went up there, I noticed a number of urns lying around. Not a big deal, right? Probably just used to store water, grain, or something equally mundane.
That's not the case, though. Not the case at all..."
1 "What's in the urns?"
"Odella juice...liquid Kinah!
That stuff is worth an absolute fortune, not that those idiot Dundun realize it. They see it as a byproduct of actual Odella production, the fools.
But my mother didn't raise a fool. We could grab those urns..."
1 "...and do their cleanup for them?"
"Exactly! Only we'll be the ones "cleaning up".
I'd love to break into the plantation myself, but I'm on watch and thus forbidden to leave my post. It's only a matter of time until others find out what the Dundun store in those urns. Once that happens it'll be raid plunder, subject to the same quotas as everything else.
All that Odella juice shared for the greater good of Asmodae...unless you head up to the Odella Plantation pronto, steal the Odella Juice contained in the Dundun urns, and bring it back to me.
I know a buyer in more settled lands, and I'll make sure you get a healthy cut of the profits."


"A profitable partnership, then.
When you head up there, be careful...partner. The Mau and even some of the Dundun are extremely dangerous. They won't care that you're taking "worthless" juice--they're territorial creatures. I'd suggest you arm yourself well and take some recovery potions in case you wind up hip-deep in fuzz-faces.
Now get going! Seven samples will be enough to spread among the interested buyers. Good luck!"
X "On my way."


"Spare me the lecture. Asmodae cares for me just as much as I care for Asmodae.
I can't force yo to do something you don't want to do, can I? I don't have a problem with you ducking out. Just don't tell the others what I've found."
X "Azphelumbra, Devalin."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You don't appear to be hurt, which makes you very tough, very lethal or very sneaky.
Or perhaps you haven't been up there yet."
1 "There and back already. Here's the juice."
"Oh just smell that! Odella Juice has such a fragrant smell--no wonder it commands such a high price.
I'll send most of this off to some "freelance brokers," if you know what I mean. But it's only right to save a bit and make some booze for ourselves, right? You can't celebrate a job well done without a drink to raise a toast!
Thanks for all your work, friend. Here's your reward."


Devalin claimed that there was plenty of valuable Odella Juice in the urns at the Odella Plantation. You stole some Odella Juice samples on behalf of Devalin, who wanted to sell it for profit.

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