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Armorsmithing is one of the six crafting professions available in Aion. Using the anvil and hammer, an armorsmith's skill can turn ordinary metals into protective plate and chain armor as well as shields and helms.

Recommended Classes: Warriors and Priests

  1. Preparation: Materials and reagents such as wires and metals must be purchased.
  2. Production: Multiple parts must be made to create the final product.
  3. End product: All the parts are combined into one piece of armor. There may be a rate of failure.

Learning Armorsmithing[]

To learn Armorsmithing, speak to <Kinterun> in Pandaemonium or <Vulcanus> in Sanctum and give them 3,500 Kinah. Once you have the base skill level, completing work orders will increase your crafting level. Alternatively, crafting designs will create useful armor while also increasing crafting skill level. As with all crafts, you must talk to the Armorsmithing Master to learn higher levels of Armorsmithing.

Work Orders[]

Armorsmithing work orders require the player to mend broken armor or create metal-based supplies.

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Armorsmithing designs teach players to make a wide-variety of plate and chain armor. They can also create shields and chain and plate helms.

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Noble Armor[]

Chain armor.jpg

Armorsmithing crafts have a random chance to create a Noble version. Typically, noble outputs have higher base attributes, higher (and/or additional) bonus attributes and one extra manastone socket.

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Gathering Materials[]

A steady supply of metals fuels your advancement as an Armorsmith, so keeping pace with your Essencetapping skills will keep you supplied with the materials you need. Depending on your skill level, you can gather from the following ore nodes:

15p Ore/Iron
100p Titanium
200p Adamantium
300p Orichalcum
399p Nex
400p Drenite