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Armor has four different types: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate. The limitations of what types of armor a player can use are based on the class a player has chosen.

Templars and Gladiators have the ability to wear all four types of armor, but mainly rely on plate armor for its high Physical Defense to give them the resilience to fight on the front lines. Chain armor, while less resilient than plate, allows Clerics and Chanters the ability to move about the battlefield healing and buffing their allies while still providing protection in melee combat. Leather armor is used mainly by Assassins and Rangers. Its high evasion allows them to be quick and mobile while striking from the shadows. Cloth armor is the only type of armor Sorcerers and Spiritmasters can wear. Its high Magic Boost greatly increases spell damage; however, its low physical defense requires them to stay well outside of harm's way.

Types of armor[]

Type Description Profession
Cloth Instead of providing physical defense, cloth armor adds to a characters magic abilities and elemental defenses.

Mainly used by both Sorcerers and Spiritmasters.

Leather Leather:While having more physical defense than cloth, leather armor increases the evasion abilities of a character.

Mainly used by Assassins and Rangers.

Magic Leather:Identical to normal leather, but instead of physical offensive attributes, it offers magical offensive attributes.

Mainly used by Gunslingers.

Chain Support Chain:A used to moderately increase the defensive abilities of the wearer, mostly physical defenses and moderate elemental defenses. Increases heal boosts and casting speed as well.

Mainly used by Chanters and Clerics.

Chain:Stronger physical and elemental defenses. Boosts physical offensive attributes and attack speed, unlike other chain variants.

Mainly used by Chanters.

Magic Chain:Identical to chain, but with magical offensive attributes. Enmity can be either positive or negative depending on the use.

Negative enmity and casting speed indicates its meant for Clerics. Positive enmity and attack speed indicates its aimed for Aethertechs.

Plate Having the highest defensive capabilities, plate armor allows the wearer more resilience to be in the front lines.

This armor is exclusive to Templars and Gladiators.

Shields The shield is used in the off hand and can both increase the resilience of its bearer as well as help to reduce damage when a block is made. Clerics and Chanters, in some cases, can use these items to help increase their magic abilities. While used by Gladiators when needed to help tank, Templars use this item for both defensive and offensive abilities while defending their comrades in battle.

Armor Enchantments[]

Unless the armor states "Unenhanceable", armor can be enchanted with Enchantment Stones. Enchanting enhances the armor by adding additional defense, HP and Strike Resist. The amount of each attribute that is added is based on the armor type and position.

Stat increase per level of enchantment
White enchantment stone.gif Stat Chest Leggings Shoulders
Cloth Armor Physical Def +3 +2 +1
HP +14 +12 +10
Strike Resist +4 +3 +2
Leather Armor Physical Def +4 +3 +2
HP +12 +10 +8
Strike Resist +4 +3 +2
Chain Armor Physical Def +5 +4 +3
HP +10 +8 +6
Strike Resist +4 +3 +2
Plate Armor Physical Def +6 +5 +4
HP +8 +6 +4
Strike Resist +4 +3 +2
Shields +2% Damage Reduction per Enchant Level
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Armor Sets[]

Armor sets can obtained through quests, NPC drops and coin rewards. They can also be purchased with Kinah from armor merchants, with AP from contribution merchants or purchased with other commodities such as <Circle Tokens>, <Groggies> or <Crucible Insignias>. Each item in the set should be named similarly, like the Fenris Chain set. Most armor sets provide bonuses for wearing multiple items of the set. Armor sets also mesh properly and are dyed the same default color for a more consistent appearance.

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