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Map of the Hall of Tenacity

Arena of Tenacity, also called the Gold Arena, is a battleground instance for players of level 66 and above. Introduced in 5.3, this arena gathers 32 players and allows them to battle one against another in a tournament until one person makes it to the top. The arena is accessed from the Hall of Tenacity (also named Golden Crucible), which acts as a waiting area for each battle.

Much like other battlegrounds, this one is only available at certain times of the week. When the window is available, players may apply through the "Request Entry" button.

Backstory Edit

Red Sand Shugo gang's excavations soon encountered ancient ruins, some type of colossal coliseum where ancient Atreians would join up and spectate fierce duels between their bravest and finest warriors. Despite the high historical value of this battlefield, both Elyos and Asmodians opted to let down the Red Sand Traders' offer due to the danger their capitals were under.

Seeing as how their original owners declined their offer, Peorunerk saw it as a viable attraction, and as a result, source of kinah. His band restored the ruins, into an even greater glory than the pre-Cataclysmic times, with the finest gold engravings and coats of silver. The making of the rules followed, trying to make it as fair as possible for both sides. With everything set up, Daevas of all Atreia were invited to take part, regardless of faction and class. Even though tensions might spice up in the waiting area, the several Shugo guards keep a vigilant eye over their guests.

With that said, the Arena of Tenacity was born and its doors opened to public. All of Atreia spectates the amusing and engaging duels once again. Thirty-two Daevas enter, only one ends up as the ultimate gladiator.

Information Edit

Arena Tenacity - Program


Hall of Tenacity Edit

This area acts as the lobby and waiting arena in-between duels. From here, participants may meet other opponents as well as prepare accordingly for each battle. The south area, the Hall of Tenacity Entrance, presents two doors, which can be used to exit the instance, and where players will spawn after battles end. The north section, the Hall of Tenacity Lobby, contains all functional NPCs a player might need, for both Elyos and Asmodians.

Function NPC
Asmodian Elyos
Augmenting Officer Igrog Aleator
Conditioning Officer Niketes Premia
Stigma Master Hululeta Rocheria
Warehouse Manager Perderen Stadion
General Goods Merchant Shuler Porton
Consumable Item Distributor Zoldat Miles

As players enter the instance, the system will match players against each other, taking their current level as its main base. After some seconds, the Program will pop up, showing how the first rounds will take place, and prompting them to enter the Arena of Tenacity.

Arena Tenacity - Spectator

If eliminated from the tournament, the player will be able to spectate an on-going battle. To access this function, the Program must be opened, and the desired battle to spectate selected. If the battle is running, the blue line connection both contender's spots will show an "eye button", which when clicked, will transport the player into the Arena of Tenacity, but as a simple spectator.

Arena of Tenacity Edit

The battle area is fairly simple. It is a circular platform with four pillars, allowing players to make use of Line-of-Sight and have a small breath during the battle. Both contenders start on opposite ends of the platform, giving them 2 minutes to prepare before gates open up and the encounter begins.

Arena Tenacity - BV

Arena of Tenacity

The match lasts 5 minutes by default, during which both players must kill their opponent. Each kill gives the participant a single point. Provided the player reaches 2 points (2 kills) the player automatically wins the encounter (advancing to the following stage battles), and the losing contender will be removed from the tournament. Points acquired by the player are displayed as "green circles" at the top of the screen, below the participants' HP bars. Unlike the rest, during the final battle, 3 points are required, instead of 2. When someone is killed, both contestants are relocated back to their spawn points with full HP and MP.

If the 5 minutes pass and no kills take place, the match will be extended for 2 more minutes. Whoever defeats their opponent first will automatically win the encounter during this stage. If these 2 additional minutes expire, the match will end, giving the victory to one of both contenders based on certain factors of the fight. These include:

  • HP percentage at the end (favouring the one with the highest HP)
  • Level difference (favouring the lowest level player)
  • Damage inflicted on the opponent (favouring the one who inflicted the most damage)
  • Participation (favouring the one with the highest participation)

If all categories result in a tie, the final resort is the Dice. A random number is drawn for both contenders, whoever gets the highest one wins.

During the encounter, certain abilities are forbidden. This includes resurrection skills and items, teleportation (such as Return <Return>) and Abyss Rank transformations.

After a few moments after the encounter begins, the effect Stealth Detection <True Sight> is applied to both players. This buff allows players to be able to see through advanced stealth during its duration, in order to prevent classes with advanced stealth skills to abuse it and remain hidden for extended amounts of time.

As a spectator, the player has access to a variety of views and information. They may make use of a completely free-flight view, fixed camera angles or the contestants' perspective. Skills used by both contenders are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Quests Edit

There is only a single quest available, which introduces the rules of the whole instances; Tango quest icon The Hall of Tenacity [?]. It can be claimed from Peorunerk in the center of the Hall of Tenacity. It rewards the Emote book What do you know about the Arena of Tenacity? book, detailing what to do and what not to do, as well as how the system determines the winner.

Rewards Edit

Rewards are automatically added to the character when they either lose a battle or succeed as the highest rank winner. Depending on what stage the player finishes, the player will be rewarded according to the stage reached. As such, the more battles won, higher the final reward will be.

Rank Rewards
1st Place
2nd Place
Battle 4
  • Xp 40,000,000 XP
  • Kinah 3,000,000 Kinah
  • Ap 13,362 Abyss Points
Battle 8
  • Xp 30,000,000 XP
  • Kinah 3,000,000 Kinah
  • Ap 7,860 Abyss Points
Battle 16
  • Xp 20,000,000 XP
  • Kinah 1,000,000 Kinah
  • Ap 4,623 Abyss Points
Battle 32
  • Xp 10,000,000 XP
  • Kinah 4,000,000 Kinah
  • Ap 2,719 Abyss Points

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