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<Arekendil> wants to find his parents. Use the necklace, the only clue to their identity, to track them down.

Quest Information[]



Basic Reward[]


After getting the quest from Arkedil you will have an Ornate Necklace in your inventory. Talk with Chauminerk, a broker in Altgard Fortress. Then go to Pandaemonium to talk to Lanse, the Handicrafting Master. Next, speak with Annemari, who is in Vanahal District in Pandaemonium.


Initial Dialogue[]

"When you see an Archon like myself, would you ever guess I was an abandoned child? The first sound I can remember is the cry of Daru in the Moslan Forest.
The hunters found me wrapped in a blanket and brought me to the village. Some whispered I was a child of a forest spirit, but the priest put a stop to that. He raised me as his own, and I never really worried about my real parents.
I'm I boring you?"
1.png "No. Please go on."
"Thank you. When I ascended, the priest gave me two gifts--a blanket and a necklace.
The blanket was the one I was found in, the necklace was bundled inside. It's so amazing, so valuable...why would people who could afford such jewelry abandon a child?
I just can't get it out of my mind. I need to know how I got here."
1.png "Don't we all, Arekedil."
"I've thought about looking for my parents many times, but could never summon the courage to do it. As a Daeva, I may live forever. They were probably just Humans...
The only clue I have is the necklace. It's a beautiful thing, a rare piece of work. If I can trace who made it, I may find the original owner.
I cannot leave my post, but can travel freely. [Player Name], it's a lot to ask, but could you please take this necklace and discover the identity of my parents?"


"Oh, Thank you! I've thought this through a thousand times. Take the necklace to Chauminerk, the trade broker.
He might know who made it. He deals with expensive items all the time, and knows all the crafters well.
I don't think I'll be able to sleep until you return, [Player Name]."
X.png "On my way."


"You're right. Until I sort out my feelings about all this, maybe it's best to leave the unknown unknown.
Another time, then."
X.png "Perhaps."

Intermediate Dialogue[]

"Welcome, welcome! Chauminerk has many things to sell, just as Daeva has many needs, yes?
What is this magnificent thing you bring? Such quality, even in Pandaemonium such pieces are rare. Needs a good cleaning though, will affect the price."
1.png "Do you know who made it?"
"Chauminerk is sad now. So much money could be made from such a piece.
Only a master could make. The Master of Handcrafting, Lanse. Yes, yes!
She will know for sure! And when Daeva has finished, come back so we can sell it for you! Akakakak!"
1.png "Thanks for your help."
"Oh, this takes me back! I remember it very well! This is the work of Wilvar, the master who trained me.
He worked this while I was an apprentice, treating it like a holy object.
I'd never seen anyone put their whole heart and soul into their work before..."
1.png "Do you know who it belongs to?"
"Of course. The high priest <Balder> commissioned it as a gift for his only daughter, Annemari, to mark her ascension.
Balder was very specific on what he wanted. I remember how Master Wilvar suffered over the details...he took such pains.
There's no question that this is the same piece--no one else could even come close. The central jewel is of unmatched size and luster. Yes, quite unique..."
1.png "Thank you, Lanse."

Reward Dialogue[]

" necklace! I never expected to see it again.
It was lost years ago...decades, even! And now that it's in my hands strange. It reminds me of my ascension day. How young I naive...
Forgive me, but I must did you get this?"
1.png "It belonged to my friend's mother."
"The poor boy must be mistaken. My husband and I have no children. None.
I always thought the necklace had been stolen. Clearly one of the boy's parents was the thief.
It clearly means a lot to him, however, so perhaps he should keep it. What's more, the necklace and box were originally a pair--they belong together. He should treasure them, even if they cannot help him find his parents."


Arekedil, abandoned as a baby, wanted to find his parents. The only clue to their identity was a necklace, which you found once belonged to Annemari, the daughter of the high priest Balder.

Annemari acknowledged that the necklace was hers, but told you she had never given birth to a child. She gave you a jewel box that once went with the necklace, asking you to give them both back to Arekedil.

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