Area of Effect or AoE skill refers to a skill which has an effect on multiple targets within a given area. AoE skills can be highly effective when dealing with multiple mobs in a small area, provided they can be quickly killed, as all mobs will aggro to the caster.

Area around Caster[edit | edit source]

Skills that fall into this category affect an area a specified distance around the caster. These skills affect multiple targets with the area. For example, the Seismic Wave I <Seismic Wave I> skill for a Gladiator damages enemies within 7 meters.

Area around Radius of a Target[edit | edit source]

Skills that fall into this category will have a specific target and also affect surrounding targets. For example, the Spiritmaster's Sandblaster I <Sandblaster I> skill damages a target 25 meters away from the caster, and all enemies within 15 meters of the target. Another example, Marchutan's Light I <Marchutan's Light I> for a cleric will heal the target within 25 meters and six allies within 25 meters of the target, not just group members making it effective in fortress defenses.

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