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AoE map

Archives of Eternity map

Archives of Eternity (AoE), also called Library of KnowledgeKR/EU, was a group instance for players of level 66 and above. Introduced with the 5.0 update, its entrance was located in the Reflection of Eternity within the Tower of Eternity.

This secret library holds the most extensive and accurate reports about the true history of Atreia, being guarded by the most fearsome foes. It was the first of the three-part Artifacts of Eternity instances, the sequels being Cradle of Eternity and Trials of Eternity.

In the 6.0 update this instance was removed from the game.

Backstory Edit

"The Archives of Eternity are the mystical source of all the knowledge in Atreia, a literal font of wisdom. Caretakers patrol its halls, eternally filing this knowledge for inscrutable reasons. Both the Elyos and the Asmodians have descended upon this place, eager for any clue or scrap of information regarding the artifact that can save Atreia from the Cataclysm.

But all knowledge comes with a price, and exploring the Archives is no small feat. With their intrusion, ancient security systems hum to life. The halls themselves seem to shift and rearrange themselves, as though to block the unworthy from their quarry. Before one can learn, one must survive."

--Official description from the Echoes of Eternity minisite

Walkthrough Edit

The instance is composed of several hexagonal rooms connected through corridors. However, each run will take the group into a different way every time, since not the same doors locking the way are always open. As such, this instance is extremely dynamic, sometimes rewarding players with a shorter run (a path with few rooms) or extremely long ones (such as having to go through all rooms). The path is randomly generated once a player interacts with <Viola> (Elyos) or <Peregrine> (Asmodians) in the Prologue to Knowledge.

As the group makes progress, Teleport Stones will be available, allowing easier access to already cleared rooms. When a boss is defeated, the Teleport Stone in the Prologue to Knowledge will have the option to teleport to that room.

Inside the instance, players will fight against three golem bosses, each of one type. Two of them will be the normal versions (found in either the Empyrean Lord's Archives, Human History Archives or Atreia History Archives rooms), while the final one will be an empowered version (located in the final room, the Archive of All Knowledge) borrowing techniques from the other types of golems. Every run will include all three types, allowing the party to predict bosses they will fight. For example, having fought the <Relic Techgolem> first means the group will fight the Fleshgolem and Shardgolem bosses afterwards (no way of knowing which will be the final boss until the second boss is reached).

Bosses are not everything the instance has to offer through. In order to even reach them, the group will have to clear through several types of rooms, each with its own strategy. Just like pathing, the types assigned to the rooms is random.

Rooms Edit

Simple Edit

The most common type of room, composed of duos of golems in the center and in the corners of the room. When clearing this room, it is important to note there will be <Enhanced Fleshgolems> patrolling around in basic stealth. Other dangers included in this room are <Ancient Hetgolems>, who will use Cbt Pulled <Capture>, pulling the whole group to them (can be avoided by binding them), and <Lesser Fleshgolems> and <Violent Busts> which if ignored will drain the MP of the group by using Macro type 1 <Mental Transference> and Macro type 1 <Spiritual Attack>.

Boss Room Edit

As its name indicates, these rooms are where bosses will be found. They include Atreia History Archives, Human History Archives and Empyrean Lord's Archives in the middle, and Archive of All Knowledge at the top. Unlike other rooms, entrances to these will be sealed, and in order to open them, groups will be required to take down two artifacts right outside the room, on both sides of the door. They are the <Shedim Eternity Relic> (violet), immune to physical damage, only vulnerable to magical damage, and <Seraphim Eternity Relic> (blue), immune to magical damage, only vulnerable to physical damage.

With the door unsealed, players may interact with it to be transported inside. When the boss in engaged, exits will be disabled, while the entrances will remain active.

Turret Room Edit

In the center of the room, the group will face an <Ancient Defense Turret>. Invulnerable to damage, it can only be attacked after having taken down the <Augmented Fleshgolem Engineer>. It is recommended to take down some of the <Ancient Hetgolems>, <Violent Busts> and <Gyroblade Golems> first. Once the <Augmented Fleshgolem Engineer> is defeated, the <Ancient Defense Turret> will enter a Sakra&#039;s Branding <Shutdown> state, in which it will be unable to attack, completely vulnerable.

While clearing the room however, the turret will still attack the party by constantly casting Macro type 1 <Fire Lightning>. This skill deals high damage to a target and the ones near it, and damage is distributed among them. As such, a strategy is for the group to stay close together, making the attack considerably less harmful. Alternatively, players stay away from the turret as much as possible, which will make the it cease the attack.

Additionally, it is good to note that after inflicting damage on the <Augmented Fleshgolem Engineer> and <Ancient Defense Turret> but dying (and therefore resetting the mobs), will not reset their HP. As such, if the whole group dies, they may reattempt and start back where they left off.

Curator Room Edit

This room contains four artifacts; the <Primary Locus of Defense>, the <Secondary Locus of Defense>, the <Tertiary Locus of Defense> and the <Quaternary Locus of Defense>. If the <Augmented Fleshgolem Curator>, patrolling around the room, is attacked or anyone steps too close to it, it will begin activating the four artifacts by casting Macro type 1 <Vicious Barrage>. Once all four of them are active, an instance-wide damage nuke will go off, instantly killing any players inside.

Most groups opt to pull the groups of golems to the corridor and then, once at least half of the room is cleared, storm in. Triggering the <Augmented Fleshgolem Curator>, one person will be assigned to deactivate the artifacts as the Curator reactivates them by interacting with them. Meanwhile, the rest of the group kills the remaining golems in the room. Once the <Augmented Fleshgolem Curator> is down, the artifacts will cease functioning.

Much like the <Augmented Fleshgolem Engineer>, HP does not recover if the mob resets.

Cryptograph Cubes Room Edit

The room will contain several <Cryptograph Cube>. The party may choose to open one of them. If they choose correctly, the cube will drop a Special box type 3 <Archives Golden Wing Mark Box> or a piece of the Library Guardian's eternal skin set. Else, if they choose incorrectly, all boxes will transform into <Artifact Mimics>, which will attack players. One way to identify the right box is through pressing the F8 button: the box that does not get selected using this method is the right one.

Hidden Room Edit

Unlike other rooms, this one does not appear on the map and is completely inconspicuous. It only contains a single <Cryptograph Cube (Hidden)>, which will drop a Special box type 3 <Archives Golden Wing Mark Box>, and, if lucky enough, a piece of the Library Guardian's eternal skin set. This room spawns on the edges of the map, however it is hidden behind a non-solid door. In order to identify it, players need to attempt to go through the doors which would appear to lead outside the map. This room appears in every run, but there will only be one.

Bosses Edit

Relic Techgolem Edit

<Relic Techgolem> will use a variety of attacks when encountered: Macro type 1 <Furious Strike> (single target damage), Macro type 1 <Tactical Smash> (single target attack) and Storm Strike I <Storm Strike> (frontal cone AoE damage). Other skills to watch out for include Macro type 1 <Mystical Blast>, which will inflict damage on players who are standing on specific parts of the chamber after some seconds, which can be avoided by moving out, and Staggered Rest <Force Freeze>, an AoE that will paralyze any target in front of it.

However, the boss' main threat is Macro type 1 <Strike of Expulsion>, an attack that will inflict massive damage on an enemy and targets surrounding it. If the tank does not have an HP pool big enough to counter it, or defensive buffs, it is recommended to make someone stand beside the person, as damage will be distributed between them. Additionally, from time to time, the boss will summon a <Techgolem Repairman>, which will buff the boss boosting his offensive attributes when it reaches it. Some groups choose to ignore these as even with all buffs active, the fight is manageable, while others may choose to dispose of them (and as such, they position the boss away from the door the mobs spawn from, giving more time to get the damage in).

The <Relic Techgolem>, throughout the fight, may sometimes make use of Macro type 1 <Calamitous Blast>, a long range AoE which will inflict a lot of damage on all targets in the room. This one cannot be avoided, and classes with lower HP available might die.

Crystalized Shardgolem Edit

<Crystalized Shardgolem> employs several skills during the encounter. Macro type 1 <Roundhouse> will inflict damage on targets in a specific direction of him, Macro type 1 <Haymaker> will focus damage on a single target, and Quaver <Fire Spear> will leave a debuff on targets located at a certain direction of the boss, reducing attack speed and increasing casting speed (can be removed by cleansing skills). He will also cast Backdraft I <Soul Absorption>, creating a <Soul Relic>, which will root, bind and silence a group member until destroyed. All the group should focus the relic to free the affected one.

His main abilities (and most dangerous ones too) are Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> and Mau Form I (Elyos) <Merciless Ruler>. Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> will pull six targets to him and decrease their movement speed. He will follow this with Staggered Rest <Soul Quake> (a delayed damage skill) and then Macro type 1 <Explosive Quake> (dealing massive damage to any target within range). If a player stands too near to the boss when Macro type 1 <Explosive Quake> goes off, they will receive the damage. The way to counter this skill is to run away as fast as possible from the boss as soon as they get pulled. After the skill, players will be paralyzed for a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, Mau Form I (Elyos) <Merciless Ruler> will be used after 50% of HP, and will transform a random target and the ones surrounding it into golems, friendly to the boss and enemies to the rest of the players. To avoid getting multiple people transformed, whoever is targeted must not be near anyone and should be avoided by other players. The effect will disappear after 20 seconds.

Augmented Fleshgolem Edit

<Augmented Fleshgolem> offers the highest difficulty of the three lesser versions. His room will have four artifacts; the <Primary Conduit>, the <Secondary Conduit>, the <Tertiary Conduit> and the <Quaternary Conduit>. Whenever he casts Macro type 1 <Shimmer>, one by one, the generators will be activated. When active, they will spawn an additional monster. It cannot be attacked, and can only be despawned by deactivating the generator by interacting with it. If a player is too close to the monster, they will receive a dangerous debuff which will silence them and inflict damage over time. Due to the danger of these monsters, groups opt to designate each generator to a player, who will deactivate them when they go active.

Additionally, the group will have to deal with other skills as well. Macro type 1 <Zephyrstrike> will deal damage on all targets in front of the boss, Macro type 1 <Flurry> will deal damage on a single target, Macro type 1 <Luminescence> will inflict damage on a target and enemies surrounding it. More threatening skills include Macro type 1 <Mystic Fetters>, indicating that the boss will summon similar additional monsters to the ones form the generators around him (these will remain stationary however, and will pull any enemies to them, leaving the same debuff on them), Nightmare Root <Whispering Blade>, which will silence targets within 15 meters, Nightmare Root <Stagger (skill)>, reducing movement speed of enemies within 15 meters, and Nightmare Root <Pushback>, reducing movement speed of enemies which are 10 meters or more far from the boss.

Ancient Relic Techgolem Edit

Fighting the <Ancient Relic Techgolem> will be identical to the <Relic Techgolem>, with same skills, effects and strategies. However, it will borrow Nightmare Root <Pushback> and Nightmare Root <Stagger (skill)> (AoEs that reduce movement speed) from the <Augmented Fleshgolem>, as well as Mau Form I (Elyos) <Merciless Ruler> (transforming group members into golems, enemies to the rest of the group) from the <Crystalized Shardgolem>.

Mountainous Shardgolem Edit

Battling the <Mountainous Shardgolem> will be identical to the <Crystalized Shardgolem>, with same skills, effects and strategies. However, it will borrow Macro type 1 <Strike of Expulsion> (a massive damage skill which distributes damage between enemies within a short range of the target) from the <Relic Techgolem>, as well as Macro type 1 <Shimmer> from the <Augmented Fleshgolem>.

This last one will however work differently; after 50% of HP, the boss will cast it, summoning four additional monsters around him, identical to the ones spawned by Macro type 1 <Mystic Fetters>. They will pull targets and put them into a Silenced state, and will remain there for some seconds. He will immediately follow up this with his Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> combo. It is important for players to watch out for these adds when they run away from the boss. Timing can sometimes ruin a player's chance as being pulled by Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> can sometimes force them to go through an add's range and suffer the combination of damage from both skills.

Fleshgolem Captain Edit

The <Fleshgolem Captain> offers the greatest difficulty in the instance, requiring the same strategies as the <Augmented Fleshgolem>. It will additionally borrow Nightmare Root <Stagger (skill)>, Nightmare Root <Pushback> and Macro type 1 <Mystical Blast> from <Relic Techgolem> and the Cbt Pulled <Lightning Hook> combo from the <Crystalized Shardgolem>.

Quests Edit

The player will begin a chain of campaign quests, rewarding Clarion mythic accessories. Once the whole line is cleared, the repeatable version of the quests will be available, automatically received when the player zones in to the Prologue to Knowledge. All quests can be turned in through the Bounty feature.

Bobonerk's Agency

These are high XP rewarding quests (100m XP) which are given out by Bobonerk, only requiring to kill the last boss. By completing the quest associated with this instance, the one related to Cradle of Eternity will be unlocked. These are unlocked by completing the quest related to Fallen Poeta.

Gear Upgrading Edit

Bosses will drop basic gear, without manastone slots and subpar stats. However, these can be traded in, along with additional materials, for improved versions. For each type there are two or three sets available, meant for different classes/setups.

The only two materials needed are the basic versions of the set and Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Marks>, dropped from bosses and Cryptograph Cubes.

Elyos NPC Asmodian NPC Set Materials PvE Stats
Base Conditioning
Sidenas Namare Armor of the Labyrinth Chest Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x27 0.9% PvE Defense 0.5% PvE Defense
Head Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x27 0.4% PvE Defense 0.3% PvE Defense
Pants Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x20 0.7% PvE Defense 0.4% PvE Defense
Shoulders/Shoes/Gloves Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x13 0.5% PvE Defense 0.3% PvE Defense
Reinforced Armor of the Labyrinth Chest Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x27 0.9% PvE Defense 0.5% PvE Defense
Head Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x27 0.4% PvE Defense 0.3% PvE Defense
Pants Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x20 0.7% PvE Defense 0.4% PvE Defense
Shoulders/Shoes/Gloves Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x13 0.5% PvE Defense 0.3% PvE Defense
Epimetheus Nerfug Weapons of the Labyrinth Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x40 2.5% PvE Attack 0.9% PvE Attack
Shields of the Labyrinth Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark> x27 0.8% PvE Defense 0.5% PvE Defense
Discontinued Materials

Before 5.6, six different sets were available for each material. Upgrading required a combination of two of the four ores available. The materials were obtained inside the instance.

After the patch, these can be opened up, rewarding a Golden Wing Mark <Golden Wing Mark>. Other materials can be exchanged for bundles of Fragmented Golden Wings <Fragmented Golden Wings> through NPCs in Ariel's Sanctuary in Iluma and Azphel's Sanctuary in Norsvold.

Rewards Edit

Final Bosses
Lesser Bosses

Bandits of Greed Edit

Bandits of Greed will sometimes appear in this instance. They spawn in the middle room from the Prologue to Knowledge (starting area). They disappear after some minutes if they are not attacked. Once attacked, it will attempt to run off and despawn. If killed, they will drop a bundle for each group member, which will be automatically opened when picked up.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Archdaeva Ascension quest took place in a special solo version of this instance during Tango quest icon Memories of Eternity [?] (E)/Tango quest icon Recovered Destiny [?] (A). Instead of fighting the final boss, the player had to defeat the four elemental transformations of The Archdaeva.
  • The portal at the end of the instance leads directly into Cradle of Eternity.
  • The instance is referred to as "ideternity_01" in files.
  • Across the instance, there will sometimes be interactive books on the ground, which will drop a random chapter of four different records, each composed of five chapters. When a record is assembled, the player will receive the completed version as a quest item.
    • Most of them, when used, will trigger a short quest and be able to be read.
    • However, Green card <Completed Records of Life> can be used to access a restricted area in the Cradle of Eternity.

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