The Archdaeva Ascension was the process a Daeva would undergo at level 65 in order to become an Archdaeva throughout the 5.x update. It was the second Ascension the player would undergo in the game. Once completed, the player would automatically turn level 66, regardless of their experience at level 65, and gain access to the relevant content.

In the 6.0 update the Archdaeva system was removed from the game. Most of the features seen below were thus cancelled. Others, such as the custom/enhanced version of existing skills, were preserved or remastered into a different shape.

Archdaeva Ascension Edit

Once a character reaches level 65 they will automatically receive the relevant campaign quest. Although it does not need to be completed immediately, players will be unable to level up to 66 until the quest line has been completed.

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In the second quest the player ventures through a solo/campaign version of the Archives of Eternity instance.

Features Edit

  • New Maps & Instances: Access to the level 66+ regions of Iluma, Norsvold, the Tower of Eternity, and all the content located on these maps (i.e. instances).
  • New Gear System: Archdaeva gear was a variation of Mythic and Eternal-grade gear, specifically designed for level 66+ players. Compared to the pre-66/regular gear, Archdaeva gear yielded higher stats but was destroyed upon a failed enchantment.
    • As of the 5.5 patch, the usage of an Omega Enchantment Stone <Omega Enchantment Stone> and Greater Supplements (Mythic) <Greater Supplements (Mythic)> guaranteed a 100% success rate on all regular enchantment levels. Exceed Purple Enchantment Stone <[Event] Omega Enchantment Stone> were also added a guaranteed drop to certain bosses.
    • Following the still negative feedback, 5.8 backed up from this system further, introducing Archdaeva gear that follows the rules of the original gear; untradeable, will not be destroyed upon failure, etc. Ultimately the dissatisfaction with the new gear system would become one of the main reasons why the whole concept was scrapped in the 6.0 update.
  • Primary Manastones: A newly introduced type of manastone. As opposed to traditional manastones, these variants would raise the character's base stats (e.g. Power, Will, Knowledge) and thus affect multiple secondary stats at once (e.g. Knowledge → Magic Boost/Crit Spell/Magic Suppression). Primary Manastones traditionally outperformed their traditional counterparts at +5 or higher.
  • Crafting: Players would be able to craft new Archdaeva gear as well the new manastones and skins via morphing, to which new Archdaeva recipes were added that were available for Ancient Coin <Ancient Coin>. Two new crafting disciplines were also introduced: Coalescence and Aetherforging.
  • Essence: The most pivotal feature of 5.0, players would acquire essence as they leveled up or by equipping Essence Core <Essence Core>. Essence could be spent on raising the character's base stats, increasing the skill-level of existing skills, and/or unlocking enhanced versions of existing skills. Ultimately, at level 75 players would also gain access to the Archdaeva Elemental Transformations.
  • Energies: Able to charge Abyssal Energy and Growth Energy, which respectively boosted AP and EXP acquisition rates by a set percentage for as long as a sufficient charge remained. Growth Energy would automatically refill to 8% once a day after the player killed a few monsters. Killing monsters would also randomly recharge the bar further. Growth Energy was intended to replace Energy of Repose; the latter could still be charged, but in-game areas that refilled it were removed (e.g. the central plaza in Oriel/Pernon).
  • Graphics & Animations: New monster kill and teleportation animations for both races. Character models/graphics were updated. The character avatar window (bottom-left) was also updated to denote Archdaeva status.

Post-6.0 Status Edit

  • Maps & Instances: Removed. Cradle of Eternity and Bastion of Souls were preserved and moved to Lakrum as adjusted versions. Mirash Sanctum and Frozen Monolith are likewise still available, mostly unchanged.
  • Gear: Archdaeva gear will no longer drop, and can no longer be modified. Existing gear remains usable and can be wrapped.
  • Primary Manastones: Primary manastones will no longer drop or can be socketed into gear. Previously socketed manastones remain usable.
  • Crafting: Coalescence was removed. Aetherforging had its recipes list and leveling path overhauled. Existing proficiency Aetherforging was carried over to 6.0.
  • Essence: Essence can no longer be acquired or spent, and the Elemental Transformations system was removed. Cubicles partially replace the essence system. Essence Core <Essence Core> were exchanged for Gold Ingot <Gold Ingots> at enchantment level +5 or higher. Enhanced/Archdaeva variations of existing skills remain available in 6.0
  • Energies: Abyssal Energy and Growth Energy will no longer be charged. They can still be obtained via using the respective stars.
  • Graphics & Animations: Preserved.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally players would receive a mail with a quest item from Pernos/Munin upon reaching level 65, which would unlock the Archdaeva Ascension campaign quest once it was read. This additional step was later removed.
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