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Deliver <William'sWilliam> potion to Illos, who is doing research in the forest.

Quest Information[]



Basic Reward[]


Talk with William to obtain this quest. Now visit Illos and update located in Southern Tolbas Forest. Speak with Roseino (located in the contaminated swamp) to finish quest and receive reward.


Initial Dialogue[]

"Ah, Daeva! I need someone to do me a favor! Nothing too troublesome, just a delivery to the Southern Tolbas Forest that I cannot spare time to do myself.
Take this vial. It's a potion I've collected for my friend Illos.
A man named <Lepios> was bitten by an Arachna. He only survived because of this treatment. Now that Illos is working with the Arachnas, I want him to have this just in case."
1.png "This treatment is special?"
"Yes, very. I had to travel to Sanctum and speak with the Daeva of Life to get it.
Could you do this for me, [Player Class]? The vial just needs to go to Illos, a researcher at Southern Tolbas Forest.
The camp isn't far from here, and you will be doing us all a great favor. What do you say?"


"My thanks to you, dear [Player Name]!
Please hurry. He hasn't been attacked yet, but no need to wait until he has.
Oh, and be careful! The Arachnas may attack you. Though their poison will not kill a Daeva, the suffering you endure will not be pleasant."
X.png "Thank you for the warning."


"Very well.
I'll send someone else. Someone with the spirit and sense of duty to help their fellow Elyos.
Leave me, Daeva. I have things to organize."
X.png "Very well."
"Careful, [Player Class]!
You mustn't startle me when I'm carrying a biological sample! These are Isospora parasites. You must take my word for it when I say you do not want these in your body.
I won't even start on the symptoms, just on the odd chance that you were planning on eating later today...."
1.png "I've brought this from William."
"From William! Oh, this must be because of that incident with Lepios!
So, this is the miracle treatment, is it? Quite a lot of it, isn't there? Maybe if I pour half of it into this other vial....
There! Now we can protect two people! In fact, I know exactly who should have the other half.
[Player Name], would you mind taking this vial to Roseino for me? She's stationed out in the Contaminated Swamp, and will have a greater need for this than I, even with the Arachnas around."
1.png "I'll take it."

Reward Dialogue[]

"Halt! This place isn't safe! Step any closer and you'll risk poisoning yourself!
What business do you have here? If you haven't got a death wish, I'd strongly advise leaving."
1.png "I brought this from Illos."
"Illos sent this, did he? I'll never turn down a free treatment. Thank you for bringing it.
Take this for your trouble."


William asked you to give a healing potion to Illos, a researcher based in the forest.

Illos was grateful, and also asked you to give half of the potion to Roseino, a Daeva stationed out in the Contaminated Swamp. Roseino was grateful when you gave her the potion.

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