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Androkles is a Guardian Sentinel guarding the path to Eltnen Fortress. He has a very interesting mindset.

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"Sit with me, and regard the waterfall. Relax. Expand your senses. Slowly, slowly.
Now look again. The water travels back along its path to the source.
Can you see, [Player Class]? Look at the world with open mind, and see anew."
1 "I'll try to do that."
X "I don't see it."
"Fragrant, fresh grass, cheerful footsteps on paved stones, wind dancing through feathers.
Small beauties define life and happiness, do they not?
Temple Daevas should teach the beauty of Nature, not shame our weaknesses."
X "Thank you for your wisdom."
With quests
"The protection of Ariel is with you."

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