Take the curious Stone Fragment you found on the body of a Krall and show it to Selene, Protector of Divinity in Verteron Citadel.

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Take the <stone fragmentAncient Stone Fragment> to <Selene>.

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You can find an Ancient Stone Fragment on Krall in the Tursin Outpost and Tursin Garrison. Double click on it to receive this quest. Take the fragment to Selene.


Initial DialogueEdit

Ancient Stone Fragment
(This is a flat stone fragment.)
(Its surface is covered with strange, indecipherable symbols. On the reverse side is an image of a robed figure kneeling in adoration of a radiant Humanoid. Perhaps it is a religious artifact?)
(Selene, the Protector of Divinity in the Verteron Citadel, might know what it is.)
X "I'll take this to Selene."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Walk in peace, Daeva. How may I serve you?
Oh...what is this...?
This is most...unusual. If genuine, it is unlike anything I have seen before. The language, at least, I do recognize--it is Ancient Atreian."
1 "What does it say?"
Let me see it in full light..."Aion, in his omnipotence, must--"...that is all. At that point, the tablet is broken.
Must what? Must be destroyed? Obeyed? I cannot tell. But I suspect it is a historical text, concerning the legend of the First God. It is historically significant, certainly. Sad that the text is so short. I can tell almost nothing from it.
I will wrap it carefully and send it to Sanctum. That is what the Five would want. If we are meant to discover more, I am sure we shall do so in time."

Summary Edit

You found a fascinating stone fragment in the pocket of a dead Krall.

One side was covered with strange script while the other side showed a priest adoring an unseen deity. You sought the advice of Selene, a Priest in Verteron Citadel.

She told you that it was a fragment of a historical text, perhaps the tale of the First God, and because it was a valuable artifact, she would send it to Sanctum.

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