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Ancient Relic Techgolem

Ancient Relic Techgolem is one of the three possible final bosses in the Archives of Eternity, along with the <Fleshgolem Captain> and <Mountainous Shardgolem>. They are the defenders of the ancient knowledge contained in the library.

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This boss will be identical to the <Relic Techgolem>, with same skills, effects and strategies. However, it will borrow Nightmare Root <Pushback> and Nightmare Root <Stagger (skill)> (AoEs that reduce movement speed) from the <Augmented Fleshgolem>, as well as Mau Form I (Elyos) <Merciless Ruler> (transforming group members into golems, enemies to the rest of the group) from the <Crystalized Shardgolem>.

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Bobonerk's Agency

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