<Nestor>, a historian in Sanctum, asked Spiros to search for a fossil for his research. Search the cliffs around Verteron Citadel for a fossil so that Spiros doesn't have to neglect his other duties.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Ancient Lobnite Fossil> (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Spiros to obtain the quest. There are several fossils around the outside cliffs of the citadel, usually hiding under the fungus growths. Type /where Fossil to locate it on your map. Take the fossil back to Spiros for the reward.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

So little time! Even when I have pressing matters to attend to, things slip through the cracks because of my schedule!"
1 "What's wrong?"
"Some scientific pursuit of Nestor's. He's one of our researchers stationed in Sanctum.
He has been asking for Lobnite fossils for weeks. I promised him one by tomorrow for some report that he's writing.
I even set time aside for it--then we get the report of a giant creature circling the citadel. I've got to organize our defenses!
What about you, [Player Name]? I need someone who can fly and is willing to help."

Accept Edit

"Oh, thank you!
The fossils aren't hard to find, but they are high up on the cliff faces--only accessible by flight. Fortunately, Lobnites haven't changed much. I'm sure you'll recognize their distinctive shells and have no problem collecting them.
You should get going. Time is running out."
X "I'll get to it now."

Decline Edit

"I see.
Well, I'm not going to be able to get the fossils for a while now. If you do change your mind, let me know. Otherwise, travel safely...
Now...where's that creature...?"
X "Good luck to you."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Back so soon?
It only seems like a few moments ago that I sent you off. Hmm...I have been busy, I suppose."
1 "Here is your fossil."

Failed Item Check Edit

"Don't be a fool, [Player Class]. I can't give Nestor anything but the real thing.
Now, you've agreed to do this for me, so don't make Nestor late!"
X "My apologies...."

Successful Item Check Edit

"Wow! Let me hold it....'s much heavier than I thought! Remarkable though, don't you think?
Take this, friend. I'm sure this is exactly what Nestor was looking for."


Nestor, a historian in Sanctum, asked Spiros to bring him an ancient Lobnite fossil.

You searched the cliff face around Verteron Citadel for a fossil and brought it to Spiros.

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