<Baevrunerk> lost his Ancient Cube in the Cliona Lake.

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Objectives Edit

<Ancient Cube> (0/1)

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Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Baevrunerk in Akarios Village to receive the quest. Find and retrieve the Ancient Cube (see map). Return the cube to Baevrunerk for reward.


Initial DialogueEdit

"No! No, haven't lost it! Can't have! Nyerk! Human!"
1 "What's wrong with you?"
"I've lost it! Can't believe it! Lost! Gone! Aaiieee! Not my ancient cube! Can't have lost it! So so beautiful, with ancient patterns, tiny engravings.... A masterwork from before the Cataclysm! No! Can't be gone! Can't be!"
1 "Slow down a minute! Where did you lose it?"
"I went to Verteron Citadel to trade with Toroonerk. He showed me the cube, said is was something special... and he was right! Right indeed! Last night on my way home... lost it in the Cliona Lake. Thought I could be clever. Sneak through the camp. Stupid! Kobold sentry saw me. Ah! I ran as fast as I could, but my sweaty fingers dropped the cube! It must still be in the mine! Need someone big and strong to go back... search... get my cube! Perhaps a big, strong [Player Class]? I'd pay you well!"

Accept Edit

"Akakakak! A good spirit dwells in you, [Player Name]! Please, go quickly! If the cube is in the Cliona Lake then stupid Kobolds might find it, take it, break it! Hurry! Go! Go!"
1 " I'm going! See? Watch me go..."


"No! [Player Name]! Have you no heart? Just think! This cube is not just mine, but all of Atreia's! A relic! Think of your culture, Human! You must reconsider!"
1 "That's pretty philanthropic for a Shugo."

Reward DialogueEdit

"Kind, brave Human! Have you brought it? Please, show me!"
1 "Here you are."
"Akakakakakakak!! Yes, [Player Name]! That's it! You found my cube! Oh, so intricate! Patterns like these just can't be copied! More than a mere cube -- this is a masterpiece! Oh.. how I missed you! Thank you, [Player Name]! Take this reward -- a fair price for hard work. Remember me if you need your inventory expanded! I'll give you my best deal!"


Baevrunerk lost his Ancient Cube in Cliona Lake.

The cube is very special and he begged you to help, so you found and brought it to him. In return, Baevrunerk paid you a small amount of money.

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