Go to the Cantas Coast and deliver Selene's Letter to Khidia. It might be easier to take a flight.

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Talk with <Selene> to obtain this quest. Travel to the Cantas Coast and speak with Khidia to finish the quest and receive your reward.

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"Ah, Daeva! Do you have a moment? I've something to ask you.
Have you come across the Verteron Observatory? A bit out of the way, through the Krall camp and all, but you can get a flight there with ease.
I have a terribly important message that must be delivered there. I can't bring it myself, yet I can't risk its interception...."
1 "And you'd like me to help."
"Yes. I know you must have endless tasks ahead of you, but this really is important.
Many lives hang in the balance, and you'd be doing me a great service.
Will you help? Will you deliver this letter to Khidia at the Observatory?"

Accept Edit

"If only there were more like you. Please, take the letter to Khidia at the Verteron Observatory.
If she does not receive it soon, Elysea itself may be threatened."
X "I'll take care of it."

Decline Edit

"You don't realize how urgent this is.
If you won't help, I must ask you to leave so that I can concentrate my efforts on finding a Daeva committed to Elysea.
I assume you have other duties to take care of."
X "I do."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You have hurried, Daeva. I can hear it in your voice...take a breath and tell me why."
1 "I have this for you."
"Well, what does this say.... The Abyss? Explosives?! But where would they....
Oh! I must apologize. Please, don't worry about the message. It's nothing.
You've been a great help, thank you. Watch out for Krall and Frillnecks on your way back!"


Selene, a priest at the citadel, asked you to deliver a letter to Khidia at the Verteron Observatory, saying it was a highly important matter.

Khidia muttered something to herself upon receiving the letter, but then sent you away.

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