Kill some Arachnas so that Mantigar can sleep soundly.

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Talk to Mantigar to get quest. Kill 5 Nimble Arachnas in the Mosbear Habitat. Go back and speak with Mantigar again.

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"Grrrrr...before you depart, there more thing. Another pest that bothers me.
The mighty Mantigar must never trifle with inferior creatures, you know."
1 "Yes, I know...."
"It's the Nimble Arachnas.
They prick at me while I slumber. Grrrrrrr...almost as annoying as Plumas!.
Mantigar must be free of them!


"You comfort me, little bird.
There are many Nimble Arachnas in the Mosbear Habitat, constantly scuttling in to pester me.
Kill as many as you can!"
X "I'll get right to it."


"Rooooaaaar...! You dare ask me to stalk unworthy prey?
Grr, how can Mantigar be called great if he must stalk fleas?
So, if you will not do it...grrrrrrrrrr."
X "Er, let me think about it."

Reward Dialogue Edit

" return!
Did you exterminate the Nimble Arachnas?"
1 "I killed many of them."
"Now I need not shame myself by scratching at their bites!
You have plucked a vexing burr from my coat,
[Player Class]!"

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Mantigar said Arachnas were biting him while he slept. You killed some of them for him.

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