<Nadaelo> asked you to inform <Hyacinte> that <Gaurinerk> had been sending him shoddy materials. Gather materials around the citadel and bring them to Hyacinte for comparison with what Gaurinerk sent.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Gather the materials for making armor and bring them to Hyacinte.
<Starcrab Carapace> (0/6)
<Starturtle Shell> (0/5)

Basic Reward Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Talk with Nadaelo to begin quest. Kill <Sharphorn Starcrabs> and obtain 6 Starcrab Carapaces. Now kill <Swamp Starturtles> and obtain 5 Starturtle Shells. Talk with Hyacinte to update and receive reward.


Initial DialogueEdit

"What did Gaurinerk tell you? Wait… let me guess.
He wrung his paws and wailed about how long I was taking to make the armor he ordered, right?
Did he tell you what he's been saving on overhead by sending me nothing but junk to work with?"
1 "So by sending you cheap materials…"
"Exactly. Cheap materials, higher profit. And these materials have been getting worse and worse. Gaurinerk claims they're sourced locally, but they're not.
Everything around here is saturated with Aether. Genuine Verteron Starcrabs have a gleam to their shells. The ones Gaurinerk sent are dirty yellow… like diseased bone. See?"
1 "You have a point."
"In that case, [Player Class], would you help me out?
I need to show the Centurion what Gaurinerk's been up to. If you collect quality materials from hereabouts for me, we can compare them with Gaurinerk's junk.
Would you please gather Starcrab Carapaces and Starturtle Shells, and show them to Hyacinte along with these samples of Gaurinerk's materials? I'd go myself, but I'm just a trader and you're a Daeva. Let's be honest… you have a better chance of being heard."

Accept Edit

"Thank you.
You can find Sharphorn Starcrabs near the entrance to the citadel, and plenty of Swamp Starturtles down at the water's edge.
Please gather Starcrab Carapaces and Starturtle Shells, and bring them to the Centurion. When he compares them with the materials Gaurinerk gave me, he'll understand the situation.
I wouldn't want to be in Gaurinerk's shoes after that. Wait… do Shugos wear shoes?"
1 "I'm not sure..."

Decline Edit

"I apologize. I'm just a tradesman. I shouldn't have asked.
I still won't make armor for Guardians out of this rubbish.
If Gaurinerk wants me to work for him, he'll have to source some real Verteron materials."
1 "Good luck."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"Hmm? Back already?
Well, what did Gaurinerk say?
He'd better have a good explanation for keeping my Guardians waiting."
1 "Here, look at these."
"Unbelievable! Gaurinerk wanted Nadaelo to armor my Guardians with this muck? I wouldn't line a Pluma cage with it!
If not for Nadaelo's honesty, I'd never have known. From now on, I'll commission armor directly from him.
Thank you for your trouble. I think a reward is in order."

Summary Edit

Nadaelo claimed that he couldn't make worthy armor with the shoddy materials Gaurinerk gave him.

You gathered Starcrab Carapaces and Starturtle Shells near Verteron Citadel and took them, along with Gaurinerk's materials, to the Centurion.

Having seen the two sets of materials together, Hyacinte cursed Gaurinerk's profiteering, and said that he would do business directly with Nadaelo in the future.

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