You have a chance to expand your warehouse as a gift to celebrate your promotion to Expert. Talk with Roskva in the Hall of Prosperity.

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Head over to the Temple of Gold and speak to Roskva to receive 8 slots in your warehouse.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Now that you are an Expert, Pandaemonium will be expecting you to contribute your skills to the war effort.
It's the duty of all Asmodians to fight the Elyos."
1 "Yes, sir."
"Of course, we'll help you out in return by expanding your warehouse."

Accept Edit

"Pay a visit to Roskva in the Temple of Gold. She'll get things set up for you."
X "I'll do that, sir."

Decline Edit

"Of, you're one of those stuck-in-your-ways kinds of fellows?
I suppose I can't force you. Well, I can. But I won't. Out of respect."
X "Thank you, sir."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"How may I help you today?"
1 "I'm here about my warehouse."
"Of course you are. Oh, Vidar sent you? Wait here a moment.
There. I had to knock down a few walls, but your warehouse is bigger and roomier than ever before. Enjoy!"

Summary Edit

Governor Vidar wanted to help you expand your warehouse as a gift for becoming an Expert.

So you went to the Temple of Gold to expand your warehouse.

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