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  • Collect the Silibaros Axe from Anteros
  • Deliver the Silibaros Axe to Seirenia

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Walkthrough Edit

To unlock this quest, you must complete The Nymph's Gown and refuse to give Namus the gown in the dialogue, but then talk to him again, giving the gown anyway.

Dialogue Edit

Initial Dialogue Edit

"Ah, [Player Name], I have a confession to make and a favor to ask.
First, the confession. Ready for a surprise...?
I am seeing Namus!"
1 "But he stole your clothes!"
"I know, I know...but I can't help myself! On the one hand, he's so rugged, but on the other hand, he's enough of a romantic to resort to ridiculous schemes like stealing my clothes to make me fall in love!
When I went to Poeta, the poor man was scared half out of his skin. He begged for my forgiveness and, as we were talking, I saw this charming, sweet side to him...
Someday I'd like him to move to Sanctum and live with me but until then, we'll get together whenever I'm in Poeta."
1 "This is astonishing..."
"Well, love can grow in the unlikeliest of gardens, I suppose.
That was the confession. Here's the favor: I spoke with Anteros and commissioned a Silibaros Axe for Namus. A Silibaros Axe's blade stays sharp no matter what, so Namus will be the most productive woodcutter in all of Daminu.
Anteros says the axe is ready. But I have a small emergency--a family matter--I must attend to. [Player Name], can you get the axe from Anteros, then meet me back here?"

Accept Edit

"Good. I knew I could count on you.
Anteros is with the other crafters, within the walls of the Artisans Hall.
Once you pick up the Silibaros Axe, hurry back to me."
1 "I'll be back soon."


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Intermediate Dialogue Edit

"I'm sorry, but I don't have time for a smithing leasson at the moment. I'm trying to work through these private commisions as fast as I can.
If you have an immediate need, just talk to the merchants. They stock good, sturdy weapons--even if they are a little expensive."
1 "I'm here for the Silibaros Axe..."
"Is it true that Seirenia is seeing a woodcutter from Poeta? It must be serious, if she's giving him an axe like this.
For decades, I've been making Silibaros Axes for the war effort. To make one for a mere woodcutter seems like a waste of time and materials.
But a commission is a commission, eh? Here's the axe. I just hope Seirenia's woodcutter friend gives it the respect such a fine weapon deserves."
1 "Faith and arms, Anteros."

Reward Dialogue Edit

"You brought back the axe, right?
What a relief! Even when Anteros tells you something is done, that doesn't mean you'll actually get it. If he spots a tiny flaw when he's polishing a completed weapon, he'll throw it out and start over from scratch.
Namus wouldn't mind--or even notice, I suppose--a minuscule flaw, but he'll be disappointed if he doesn't get this axe soon."
1 "Here's the axe."
"Ouch! That blade is shaper than it looks!
Thank you for fetching this for me, [Player Name]. I'll hopefully take the axe to Namus tonight. Please take this as my--oops, I mean, our way--of saying thank you.
Faith and arms, Daeva!"


After their somewhat unorthodox introduction, Seirenia and Namus the woodcutter fell in love.

Seirenia told you she'd commissioned a new axe for Namus. A family emergency kept her from picking up the axe and asked you to collect it for her. You went to Anteros the weaponsmith, collected the axe, and delivered it to Seirenia.

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