Marion is worried about <Roseino>, a Daeva stationed in the Contaminated Swamp. Deliver an antidote to her for him.

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After getting the quest, go to the Contaminated Swamp. To get there, go through the Frillneck Woods to the very end of the road.


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"But she's so beautiful! So fragile!
Listen, [Player Class]. I've spent weeks reading up on the art of herbalism, and I've made something to help her out there.
I'm only a Human, though--I need someone to take my antidote to Roseino for me. Someone like you, who can survive the fumes.
Do you think you can take it for me?"


"Oh thank you, Daeva! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
This antidote should remove the toxins and poisons in her body. I've also added some vital nutrients and vitamins, just in case she isn't eating properly.
You'll find Roseino out in the Contaminated Swamp. Please check her skin for any yellowing, and her eyes! And if she seems tired, tell her to--"
X "I'm on it, Mairon."


"Such a cold heart!
See to your own affairs then, Daeva! I'll take her the antidote myself. I'll show her what loyalty means, even if it costs me my life."
X "Be careful...."

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"Oh! Ha ha! This is from Mairon, isn't it? He said he was brewing me something special. Silly man. He should know better than to fall in love with an immortal. I can look after myself. Too bad Mairon doesn't realize it. Here, take this. I won't see you becoming a courier without a proper payment."


Mairon, an ordinary Human, is in love with Roseino, a Daeva.

You delivered an antidote on his behalf, after hearing his worries about her being stationed within the Contaminated Swamp.


  • This quest was originally called Congenial Colleague until changed in a subsequent patch.

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