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Amporonerk is a sassy Shugo that scolds unwary Airship Dock patrons about to embark onto the airship to follow safety instructions.

Locations Edit

Dialogue Edit

"Ship for Outer Dock departs soon. Time for important safety messages.
Only exit ship at approved places, and never play silly games on railings. Daeva must not laugh! Amporonerk has seen many times! Careless passenger, badly hurt while playing the fool!
As always, message brought to you by Dionysia Tavern in the Outer Port, home of Fabulous <Ludina>! Good food, Shugo-approved price!"
X "Okay... thanks."

Quotes Edit

"Careful when you board. You might fall if you aren't, akakak!"
"The ship is coming, the ship is coming, nyerk!"
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