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Ampeis is a Kalion Mercenary Liaison guarding the entrance of Daminu Forest in Poeta. He earns a decent income by selling mushrooms on the side.

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"You take pride in your appearance, I like that. I started out like you, doing my best to uphold the values of the outfit.
Now though, things have changed...
With the low pay we're getting for these contracts, I might as well be one of those Elim."
1 "What's an Elim?"
X "There's always room for pride."
"Once they were normal trees, but like all living things, exposure to Aether changed them. Most Elim don't interest me at all: I'm here to make money, not talk to plants.
But the villagers claim Daminu has great power. I'd advise either staying out of his way, or keeping yourself in his good graces.
Even Namus will only cut the tress that Daminu allows. He's either a wise woodcutter, or a superstitious fool."
X "Thanks for the information."

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