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Amjuturan wanders about Pandaemonium, talking incessantly. She is Lindhelm's wife.

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Dialogue Edit

"Sorry, I was distracted.
My husband--Information Officer Lindhelm--do you know him? He's...loud. That's the main qualification for his duties--being able to shout.
I was just enjoying the quiet, you know?"
1 "I understand."
X "Enjoy the quiet, then."
"Lindhelm is very good at what he does. You'll hear his voice echoing around Pandaemonium Plaza. He makes excellent money, but...
It's just...with the war heating up, I hardly ever see him. Long meetings with his superiors, announcements at all hours...the money's no consolation.
I visit him at his post sometimes, but I miss having him home."
X "This too, shall pass."
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