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Alynsia is a Daeva of Abundance who is in the Hall of Prosperity in Sanctum. She is warm and kind to everyone.

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Dialogue Edit

"May your path be blessed with abundance in all things!
Here in the Hall of Prosperity, you'll find many ways to make your burdens easier to bear. We specialize in helping you manage your possessions and preparing you for the journeys ahead.
Look around! If you have any questions, just ask!"
1 "What can I do here?"
X "I'll go look around."
"You'll want to visit the Warehouse, of course. One of the Keepers can set you up with a personal space to store your possessions. And if you need to carry more, see the Cube Craftsman to expand your Inventory cube.
Oh, and over there are the Shugo merchants. No surprise there. Where there's trade, there are Shugos!
May the Five protect you."
X "And you as well. My thanks."
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