Meet Fortress Commander Suthran and ask what needs doing in Altgard.

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Obtained automatically when you complete A Ceremony in Pandaemonium. Travel to Altgard and speak to Suthran to complete the quest and obtain the reward.

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"[Player Name]? The same [Player Name] who recently ascended?
Azphelumbra! I'm glad you finally found your way to Altgard Fortress.
I've got quite a few things that need doing, but I can't spare my more experienced Guardians to do them."
1 "You've trivial tasks for me, then?"
"Trivial? No! It's simply a matter of priorities.
We won't even have a fortress if we don't protect it from those sun-poxed Mau always knocking at the east gate.
While my Guardians keep the fortress safe, other tasks are neglected. This is why I need you."

Summary Edit

Suthran, the commander of Altgard Fortress, gave you twelve orders to help keep things running smoothly while his Guardians kept the fortress safe.

Notes Edit

  • Finishing this campaign quest opens up the campaign quest chain for Altgard.
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