Help Enia and Alteno, who are going through trouble over a missing ring.

Quest Information Edit

Objectives Edit

<Alteno's Wedding Ring> (0/1)

Basic Reward Edit

Give the Ring to <Enia>
Give the Ring to <Alteno>

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Enia to receive this quest. Find the Jewel Box located in the Ellun River Mouth and click on it. Obtain the ring and take it to Enia or Alteno.

Dialogue Edit

Initial DialogueEdit

"I used to have men following me around all of the time, [Player Name]. They wanted to marry me.
I said no to all of them. I wanted to marry the right person. Then along came Alteno. He had such a gentle way about him and yet he wasn't afraid to work for a living.
You wouldn't guess we were married to look at us, would you? He's way over there. He's studying to be a Soul Healer. He's thrown his heart into it, and now there's none left for me."
1 "That won't go on forever."
"No, you're right, but... he's studying so hard that I rarely see him, and he talks of nothing but Aether and channeling and psychic trauma.
And then he lost his wedding ring.
I noticed that his finger had been bare for a few days, and when I asked, he said he'd lost it in the Ellun River Mouth!"
1 "Pretty careless of him."
"Absent minded professor--that's him. He's out looking for it now, but the Ellun River Mouth is so large, and the Krall are nearby. How can he find the ring on his own?
Do you think you could help him?"


"It's not him losing the ring that hurts... it's that he didn't tell me. I had to confront him.
I hate to ask you to help, but I want him to get his ring back without dying in the process. Please go to the Ellun River Mouth and rind the ring.
He said he lost it down by the riverbank. Oh, please let it still be there!"
1 "I'll look for it but a ring is rather small."


"I know. It's too much to ask, isn't it?
I just thought you could do something since you're a Daeva.
I hate to see him without his ring. It's like a bad omen for our marriage."
1 "Better luck come to you."

Reward Dialogue Edit

Hm? Oh, sorry. I have a lot on my mind right now.
I lost my wedding ring. The most precious thing I own, and I lost it. I was taking it to Sanctum to be cleaned, but the box must have fallen out of my pocket.
My wife is furious, of course.
1 "Here is the ring."
This is my wedding ring! Where did you find it? I walked back and forth for hours and couldn't see it anywhere! I'm going to tell Enia right this minute.
Ah! Can I ask you a favor, [Player Name]? Don't tell Enia that it was you who found the ring. I've not been too good at making Enia happy lately, but if I tell her that I found this, she'll be thrilled. I'd really like the chance to do this for her.
Take this. And please...keep it a secret, okay?
2 "Um... never mind."
I can't blame her for being upset. I mean, it's my wedding ring. And we haven't exactly been close lately, which is also my fault.
I'd love a chance to start over with Enia. I'd pay so much more attention to her.
If I could just find that ring and make her proud of me again....
1 "Good luck."
"Did you search the Ellun River Mouth for the ring?
I'm sorry to put you to so much trouble.
Alteno seems to be looking for the ring as well, so at least there's that."
1 "Here is the ring."
"You found the ring! Thank you!
I was such a fool, being so harsh on poor Alteno. I know he wants to become a Soul Healer for my sake... and our children's, when we can afford to have any.
Thank you again. Would you accept this?"
2 "Um... never mind."
"You're still looking for it?
Oh, it could be anywhere in the Ellun River Mouth. A Starturtle could have eaten it or anything!
Please keep looking. It means so much to me."


Enia already thought her husband Alteno was inconsiderate...and then he lost his wedding ring.

You found the ring in the Ellun River Mouth, and returned it so that they could make a fresh start with their marriage.

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