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This is the official policy page for the Aion Wiki.


First and foremost, the Aion Wiki is exactly that - a wiki, or an editable online encyclopedia on the Aion universe. We host information, facts, images, and official theories related to Aion on this site, as well as discussions about the material presented here. We do not entertain any inappropriate images, advertisements, spam, or articles not directly associated with the Aion universe. Just remember that this wiki is not a social networking site, or a fanon site.

All the content in this wiki (i.e. text, images, music) must be in the public domain. Unless you have obtained permission to use them publicly, copyrighted files will be removed, no matter how nicely written or beautifully shot. Quotes, facts, and figures may be taken from anywhere, as long as they are sourced (see below for Aion referencing templates). All text must be original - no copying from no Aion related websites (see No Copy Policy below).

Any users or editors who repeatedly refuse to follow these rules may be banned at the discretion of any administrator, and their contributions deleted.


The Aion Wiki is not an ordinary fansite, it is an encyclopedia. Please give your best efforts in writing, and if you find a typo, grammatical or factual error in an article, be bold and correct it!

Please remember that this is an english language wiki.For most of the lesser known facts, sources would be very much appreciated!


If you see an act of vandalism, please revert the page to its original state and report the vandal to an administrator.

Users who vandalize pages will be blocked according to the Policy. Administrators may also choose to use their best discretion and block for a longer or shorter period of time. Difficult to block or otherwise exceptional vandals will be reported to the VSTF at Wikia.

No Copy Policy[]

All articles must be written so that they have complete and comprehensive information, at the same time being distinct from their Wikipedian counterparts. Some users and/or anons cut and paste Wikiarticles, leaving a whole tangled mess of redlinks and loops in the Aion articles.

If you see an article which seems to be a copy of a Wikipedian article, you can either be bold and rewrite the article yourself, or you can speak with an Administrator.



Spelling is very important for the wiki. One, because we want people to be able to read the articles and not struggle to read the full thing. Two, it makes us look more professional and can encourage more members to the wiki. The Wiki uses standard USA spelling.

Naming of articles[]

Not complete.


Articles, images, categories and other pages in the Aion Wiki which have been tagged with {{delete}} and will be automatically listed in Category:Candidates for deletion and will be deleted after no opposition have been given. Articles which have been previously deleted will be re-deleted if there are no significant improvements; articles which obviously do not belong in the Aion Wiki (e.g. vandalism, unrelated topics, game cheats/walkthroughs) will be deleted on sight. (Note: If an article has been tagged for an exceptionally long time without consensus, an admin may or may not delete it at his own discretion.)

If your article has been tagged or deleted, please do not take offence - this is not meant against you. You may defend your article on its talk page or deletion page, or talk to an administrator. Never remove the {{delete}} tag before the vote is done - repeatedly doing so may result in a ban of three days minimum. If your article is deleted, please refrain from rewriting it without consensus from your fellow editors.

This logic also applies in reverse. Please do not attempt to delete articles by yourselves. Blanking articles is just as bad as removing delete tags from those unfortunate articles, and repeatedly blanking articles (not necessarily the same one) also constitutes a minor offense and may result in a three day minimum ban. If you wish to delete an article, you may use the tags mentioned above, state your reason, and wait for a consensus.


Not complete.

Page moves and rewrites[]

As with any Wiki article, please do not make drastic changes and rewrites without the consent of other editors. Exceptions can be made if the article is in obviously bad shape. Leave a message for the editor on their talk page, or on the article talk page outlining proposed changes.