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Echoes of Eternity, also known as Aion 5.0, is the next major expansion for Aion. It is due on July 13, 2016 (NA) and August 10, 2016 (EU) under the name of Lost Memories.

This expansion reveals the truth behind the destruction of the Tower of Eternity and introduces a new character known as the Archdaeva. Besides an increased level cap and the opportunity to now further specialize your character by raising select base stats, it sees the players' journey through two new lands, Iluma and Norsvold, before ultimately arriving at the place where it all began: the Tower of Eternity itself.

Story Edit

In ancient times, the Cataclysm shattered the Tower of Eternity. Siel, the Lady of Time, gave her life to establish a massive Aetheric Field, and by these actions prevented Atreia from being destroyed outright. The Aetheric Field caused the ancient, sacred lands around the tower to be locked in stasis, and banished all who would threaten the tower's sanctity.

One thousand years after the Cataclysm, the Aetheric Field is shrinking. With the thawing of time, the lands have once again awakened, and the Cataclysm has slowly started to progress again and threaten the existence of all Atreia.

Ariel and Azphel, sensing the change in the unstable flow of Aether, have learned of a powerful artifact in the Tower that could save Atreia from the reawakened Cataclysm. However, using this artifact could destroy either Elysea or Asmodae. Unable to let go of their age-old hatred, both have ordered the complete destruction of the other's lands.

As Elyos and Asmodian forces clash around the Tower of Eternity, both armies have come to realize each other's intentions, and intensify their war of survival.

Content Edit

More to be added with subsequent updates.

  • Level cap raised to 75
  • Second Ascension (Daeva -> Archdaeva) at level 65 (upon completion of certain quests). Level 66-75 content unlocked once completed.
  • New areas: Iluma (Elyos) and Norsvold (Asmodians).
  • New Archdaeva Essence system which is used to improve base stats and learn new Archdaeva-exclusive skills. Can specialize into one of four elements.
  • New instances: Archives of Eternity and Drakenseer's Lair.