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Awakened Legacy is an expansion to Aion, released on October 24, 2018, and refers to the official release of the patches 6.0 and 6.2 together. Alternative names for it include ReflyKR and New DawnEU. Considered the biggest game-changing patch, it offers crucial changes to core mechanics, major rework of all classes, overhaul of the levelling process and removal of legacy areas.

Story Edit

While the successful incursion into Divine Fortress may have seemed to be a good omen, that was only the calm before the cold storm. With Ereshkigal's powers fully restored thanks to the Incarna, she is now finally able to execute her vengeance. Using her powers, she is able to push the islands across Reshanta and use them as meteorites to crash against both Elysea and Asmodae. One by one, the giant rocks destroy the lands of the Daevas, spreading death and despair on the souls that remained there.

In a last attempt to save as many people are possible, the Archdaeva (the player) uses all its power to prevent these fragments from falling any further. While Ereshkigal's intentions are foiled, casualties and losses were nearly impossible to count, and the Archdaeva was drained from its power. Several regions were turned into lifeless valleys, and others were submerged into the sea. Ashamed, the Dragon Lord retreats to her hideout in Balaurea, but is fortunately tracked by the Daevas, seeking revenge. Lakrum opens up as the field for the ultimate hunt against Ereshkigal!

Content Edit

Character Edit

  • Level cap increased to 80.
  • Levelling path remastered to match with the removed content.
  • Removal of the Archdaeva system.
  • Less popular class skills removed. Remaining skills modified (values adjusted or merged with removed skills).
  • Daevanion Skills introduced.
  • Cubics system introduced.
  • Crafting professions removed, with the exception of Aetherforging and Essencetapping.
  • Recipes for Aetherforging replaced, now learned at level 76.
  • All attributes have been simplified. Several removed.

Areas Edit

Item Edit

Minions Edit

  • The old effect of Skill 2 will turn into Skill 1.
  • Skill 2 will now be an active skill.
  • Chances of successful successful Minion combination increased. Now requires all Minions used to be of Evolution Stage 4. Kerubs cannot be used to combine anymore.
  • Minion Energy and Minion Points are now gained from gaining XP from killing mobs, turning in quests and killing other players.
  • Evolution requires grade-specific Minium <Minium>. Existing Minium <Minium> is turned into Minium <Grade A Minium>. Introduced Minium <Grade B Minium> and Minium <Grade C Minium>.

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Trivia Edit

  • There is a "Quna" system only available in Korea. It uses its own currency, obtained in game or bought with real money. It offers several features like a store (with variety items), instant resurrection and additional entries to instances.
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